How much the geogrid price Australia is? There are so many shops or manufacturers that sell this material and most of them may have different prices. 

Geogrid is a raft-shaped sheet with holes spread on top of the base soil to create a stronger soil structure. Basically, its function is as reinforcement aims.

They do not have several parts like in geotextile materials such as separators, drainage, filtration, and water barriers. Besides that, some products are installed for the retaining wall as well. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Geogrid

Besides the geogrid price Australia, you may also want to know other details about this item. Here are some FAQS or frequently asked questions that can answer your curiosity.

1.     What functions can this item perform?

The major function of geogrid is reinforcement. There are two types that you can choose from; the first is Biaxial (strength in all directions) and the second is Uniaxial (strength in one direction).

Using this material can give a lot of benefits. Those are reducing the soil quantity, increasing the speed of construction, making the poor ground more stable, and so on.

2.     Which Type and Grade you should use? 

As we all know this item has some types and grades as well. It can affect the geogrid price Australia. Basically, if you will use a Uniaxial application, you have to consider the soil parameters, slope height, and surcharge loads.

Meanwhile, if it is for Biaxial applications, some factors to consider are the axle London’s, the size of the granular fill to be used, and also the CBR of the subgrade.

3.     What are the things to consider? 

There are some considerations that you should use before buying a geogrid. The most important things are the thickness of the rib and height. 

Besides that, don’t forget to consider other aspects such as the tensile loads, aperture area, junction efficiency, carbon black content, and so on. The quality of the raw materials used is also essential.

How to Calculate Geogrid

The geogrid price Australia makes you are able to manage your business. However, you should understand how to calculate the right amount of geogrid, especially for the retaining wall. 

The rough calculation is 0.8 x regaining wall height = Geogrid length. However, please keep in mind that this calculation is only if your wall is not too huge.

The Geogrid Price Australia

The prices are varied based on the sizes, materials, strength, and where you buy this item. However, here are several prices from some sources that can be your reference. 

An item with the size of a 4’ x 50′ roll has a price of around 155.87 Australian dollars. The most expensive one is maybe the 12′ x 150′ that is sold for about AUD 941.39.

You should know that a manufacturer may have so many series and sizes. Besides that, they may sell this product in a rolled form or sheet one. 

It is better to check their website to get detail information about the price. Besides that, the geogrid price Australia can be affected by the delivery cost as well. 

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