The geobag size is usually varied because it must be able to meet the market needs. Basically, This bag is made from non-woven geotextile material and the shape is like a sack. That is why; you can fill it with sand material, stones, or others based on the needs.

The good quality geobag also has an anti-UV feature where when it is applied, it can last up to 36 years. Geobags (or geotextiles) also have many very important roles in preventing abrasion or what we usually know as breaking sea waves.

These things are able to provide many solutions for solving the problem of erosion on the coast. It is especially due to large coastal waves, so they are often used on the coast. So what is a geobag itself and what does a geobag look like? 


The Geobag Size

Usually, every manufacturer or supplier may provide different sizes for their stocks. However, the most common stock that is always ready is 1.45m x 2.4m.

It is made from polyester non-woven geotextile 600 gsm so it is really strong and durable. That is even if you place them in an area that is exposed to water for a long period.

Besides the geobag size above, there are also some other options in the market. An example is 1.2 meters x 8 meters. The size is commonly ranging from 0.5 m3 to 8 m3 in the market.

The Functions of Geobags

A geobag is a geotextile that is filled with soil and then sewn until the shape resembles a cushion. In fact, this product has so many benefits for our life as follows:

1.     These things are used as a substitute for rocks in an area. 

The use of this item is very common on beaches as a simpler and easier substitute for beach protection. Geobags on the beach will really help with environmental damage and prevent large waves from suddenly entering residential areas. 

Extreme climate change will give rise to the potential for waves with large capacity. The use of a proper geobag size will be able to overcome this problem. 

2.     Prevent land from abrasion

That is why; the sea waves can be broken up and the potential for abrasion can be reduced as much as possible. The unfavorable impact of potentially large ocean waves will be overcome with these things.

You should choose high-quality geobags because they will be good for the land. Make sure to pay attention to many aspects such as the materials used, stitching, size, volume, and more.

How to Use Geobags Properly

After choosing the right geobag size, please ensure to understand the way or technical use of this item. Several bags will be put together into a large sack. 

Then, those sacks will be arranged on the beach in a tiered or stepped form. With this stacking technique, erosion can be prevented. Apart from that, this product can also be used as embankments to hold back piles of material.

That is why; they will remain sturdy even when hit by quite large waves. Apart from beaches, the proper geobag size can also be used in swamps, peatlands, and other types of wetlands.

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