Geotextile construction is already so common. This material is already used so often for construction.

Over 25 years, so many innovative technologies have been developed to solve soil-related problems in construction. Geotextile construction became one of those innovations.

Geotextile construction is designed to be more practical than replacing unsuitable soil or bypassing it with deep foundations. That’s why the use of geotextile is already so common.

Geotextile Construction

What Is Geotextile Construction?

Road construction and maintenance still rely on equipment like motor grades. But, there are so many new technologies such as geotextile construction that are beneficial.

The use of geotextile construction will make the process of road construction and maintenance more simple, quicker, and of course cheaper. No wonder a lot of construction uses this technology.

Geotextile is often used as a separator to prevent the aggregate layer of a road from sinking into the sub-oil. This geotextile construction had proven to be one of the most versatile and cost-effective ground modification materials.

The popularity of this geotextile construction came from across geotechnical, hydraulic, environmental, civil engineering, and coastal. Since then, the use of geotextile in construction is so common.

Types of Geotextile Construction

You already know what the geotextile construction is. This geotextile has some types that you should know too.

Geotextile construction is made from polymers, such as polypropylene and polyester. Based on the stage and manufacturing process, there are three categories for geotextiles.

Those three categories are woven fabric, knitted fabric, and non-woven fabric. There are also other geosynthetics including geocells, geomembranes, geogrids, geonets, etc.

    • Woven fabric geotextile construction is the most common. This type has manufacturing methods that are similar to those of clothing textiles. Also, this geotextile is made from two sets of parallel threads of yarn.

    • Non-woven geotextile construction is made from continuous yarn filaments or short staple fibers. They go hand in hand with thermal, chemical, or mechanical techniques. This geotextile non-woven also can bond by a combination of techniques.

    • Last, knitted geotextile construction is created by interlocking a series of yar loops together. This is made by combining knitting techniques with other methods like weaving.

Use of Geotextile Construction

In the construction world, geotextiles are used in many projects. Here are some uses of geotextile construction that are so important:

1. Geotextile Construction for Road Work

Geotextile construction is widely used in the construction of the road. This is because it helps reinforce the soil by adding tensile strength to it.

In construction, geotextile construction is used as a rapid dewatering layer in the roadbed. It also needs to preserve its permeability without losing its separating functions.

2. Geotextile Construction for River, Canals, and Coastal

Geotextile construction is also used to protect banks from erosion. This is often due to currents or lapping.

When used in conjunction with natural or artificial encroachments, geotextile construction act as a filter. That’s why this is so beneficial.

3. Geotextile Construction Agriculture and Drainage

Geotextile construction is also used for mud control in agriculture. This thing is used for the improvement of muddy paths and trails used by cattle or light traffic.

The other use of geotextile construction is for drainage. It will help to filter the soil and a more or less single-size granular material to transport water.

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