Waterproof membrane comes in various types, especially for building construction. Talking about waterproofing, there are many types or kinds. One type that is widely used in building construction is a waterproofing membrane.

This type of waterproofing is made from asphalt mixed with other chemicals. And there are combinations that have been adjusted to the needs so that later no water will seep on the walls or other concrete surfaces.


Get to Know The Types of Waterproof Membrane

Waterproofing or in other words, leak-proof coatings can be the best solution for your building’s leak needs. There are many types of leak-proof coatings that come in a variety of choices with their respective benefits.

So before deciding to choose a waterproofing product, make sure you know the function and suitability of the waterproofing product with the material to be coated. One type of leak-proof coating that is widely used in society, one of which is a membrane-type leak-proof coating.

The waterproofing membrane is in the form of a water-repellent coating sheet made of APP polymer material. This type of leak-proof coating is able to protect buildings from damage caused by moisture. There are several types of this membrane leak-proof coating which include:

Bitumen Lining Membrane

This is a type of waterproofing membrane that is widely used for roofing and other applications that require water protection. Comes with various types of materials, including polyurethane, asphalt, latex and so on.

This type of waterproofing is applied as a liquid or sheet which then dries to form a durable barrier. It is also impenetrable capable of resisting water infiltration.

The advantages of using this type of waterproofing include durability, uniform membrane thickness for the entire board, adaptability, no odor, the material is suitable for use in a wider application area and so on.

Bitumen coating membranes are available in a variety of textures and color options making them more attractive for a variety of applications. Apart from that, this type of waterproofing also offers excellent protection against water damage.

Sheet Membrane

One of the most commonly used types of membrane leak-proof coatings. This type is made of asphalt or fiberglass. Very easy to install and able to provide high waterproof protection.

However, the downside of these coatings is that they can be susceptible to punctures and are not always suitable for use in areas with high water pressure.

Sheet-based membranes are large sheet materials. They are generally made of synthetic rubber or PVC, which are easily applied to surfaces to create a watertight barrier.

This type is often used on roofs, balconies, and bathrooms. This is because it is able to provide an effective way to prevent water infiltration. As well as being durable and long-lasting, sheet-based membranes are also relatively easy to install.

Liquid Membrane

It is a type of waterproof membrane that is applied as a liquid to form a waterproof barrier. It is often used in areas where it is difficult to install sheet membranes. Such as penetration or curved surface.

In contrast to sheet-type membranes, liquid-coated membranes can be rolled up, sprayed, and placed on the surface. Liquids form solid membranes by evaporation of water or solvents with air.

The benefits of using liquid membrane waterproofing include materials that are composed of one component. This type is very simple to apply and great for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. This material is able to handle soil conditions and groundwater contamination.

When compared to other types, waterproof membrane are currently more widely used in building construction. This is of course thanks to the advantages offered. In the installation process, be sure to use a waterproof service that is very professional. So the results are even more satisfying. For more information about Geotextile supplier near me please contact: Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : +62 811 1721 338 (Ais), +62 811 9151 338 (Anna), +62 811-8805-538 (Davy) or Email : info@urbanplastic.id.