Soil erosion control is one of the important discussions. As we already know, Indonesia is one of the countries where natural disasters often occur. It is not uncommon for Indonesia to experience soil erosion frequently. This is also in line with the soil conditions in Indonesia that easily erode. Moreover, coupled with the weather or climate is uncertain. Coupled with high rainfall.

In fact, there are several areas in Indonesia that have high rainfall, such as the islands of Java and Sumatra. This of course causes the soil to erode easily. The slow handling of soil erosion has also caused further damage to the surrounding ecosystem. Soil erosion control must also be realized. It can be said that currently almost all of Indonesia has experienced severe land damage. However, in fact there is still a lack of knowledge about farming or how to control soil erosion properly and correctly.

The lack of knowledge about farming is also one of the main causes. Make people not care about the erosion so they just stay silent and do nothing. Unable to carry out conservative soil erosion control efforts to prevent the disaster from occurring.

Soil Erosion Control 


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Some Ways to Soil Erosion Control

There are several ways to control soil erosion that can be done to control this disaster. One way is to do soil conservation. What is meant by soil conservation? Is a series of efforts and strategies aimed at preventing and inhibiting the process of soil erosion. When carrying out this conservation, you also have to choose the type of land cover vegetation.

This is also one of the important things to pay attention to. So that later the function of the land can be restored even though it has already been damaged. However, soil erosion control in the form of vegetation itself can also survive even with extreme soil conditions.


For controlling soil erosion, the next step is to make terracing. The term feels familiar to the ear. Because we have studied this since elementary school. Be aware that terracing is also a way that is often used to prevent erosion. This strategy can be done by making terraces as well as responsive on sloping land.

So that later when it rains the water does not flow immediately. In this way, the process of soil formation can be minimized. Creating terraced land is like making the soil more stable. Efforts to control soil erosion in the form of terracing also cause plants to grow more fertile.

Contour Farming

Not only that, which includes soil erosion control. In fact Contour farming is also one of the efforts that can be done. Is a planting system based on the contour lines of a land. Thus the plant root system will be stronger. These strong regulations can hold the ground in the event of heavy rains. Making a land contour system is also like making a land trap. This effort makes the soil not easily washed away by water and also makes bench terraces.


Next is reforestation. The term is also often interpreted as greening. Know that soil erosion control is one of the most significant and effective preventive measures. The cause of erosion is not only due to poor farming systems. But it can also occur because of the impact of deforestation. Thus, logging trees must be selective. It is better after planting trees to also replant trees or reforest. In addition, there is also a solution for controlling soil erosion, namely using geotextile.