Geotextile solutions for construction problems. The reason is that Geotextile is a synthetic sheet that is very thin, flexible and permeable. Later you can use it to stabilize and repair land related to civil engineering work. Utilizing geotextiles is a modern way to strengthen soft soil.


Differences between Geotextile Solutions and Materials

The materials used by Geotextiles are divided into two. Among others, namely woven and non-woven. If the woven material is a geotextile with the characteristic that the material appears to be woven in two lines, the top and bottom. The function of the woven material is to act as a basic soil stabilization material.

Moreover, if the subgrade is soft, it will not reduce local settlement or differential settlement. This makes the basic soil soft. Because woven geotextiles have higher tensile strength or tensile strength than non-woven materials. More or less 2 times the same grammage or weight per m2.

Meanwhile, geotextiles made from non-woven materials are geotextiles that do not have any woven material and are in the same shape as cloth carpets. One of its functions is to act as a separator. Namely, to prevent the mixing of one material with another.

Functions of Geotextiles

The following are the functions of using Geotextile solutions:

Geotextile solutions as a stabilizer

The function of geotextile is as a separator or stabilizer in road construction. The reason is that this function is adjusted to the carrying capacity of the basic soil. The shear strength value or CBR is used as a bearing capacity parameter.

Geotextile itself will be appropriate with a soil CBR of more than 3%, namely a separator. Meanwhile, Geotextile stabilizers are suitable for soil CBR between 1% and 3%.

The soil reinforcement given to Geotextile on CBR soil of more than 3% tends to be less effective. So its main function is only as a separator. Meanwhile, for CBR, soak between 1% and 3%. The installed Geotextile has the function of being a separator, filter and reinforcement. For example, installing Geotextiles in road construction will provide road reinforcement with two mechanisms. The first mechanism is lateral restraint on the aggregate layer and soil through friction and locking between the aggregate, soil and Geotextile itself. The second mechanism is a membrane effect on the wheel load.

Later, the aggregate will tend to move towards the layer of aggregate that the vehicle is crossing. When the aggregate moves, the broad subgrade will provide quite a small lateral resistance. This can result in grooves forming on the surface. Therefore, geotextile solutions are need that can withstand the pull of lateral movement of the aggregate.

Become a Filter

Another function is to act as a filter. Because you can use materials such as non-woven Geotextiles to hold fine aggregate particles. Its function as a filter allows geotextiles to prevent fine particles from being scoured or wash. No need to destroy the original structure, fluid elements and aggregates can be separated.

In the mid-1960s, filters became the main function of Geotextile solutions. Because at that time the use of geotextiles was very massive, especially in Europe. The Netherlands is one of the countries that uses a lot of non-woven Geotextile materials. If you are looking for Geotextile, you can visit our website. For more information about Geotextile suppliers near me please contact: Whatsapp/Mobile Phone: +62 811 1721 338 (Ais), +62 811 9151 338 (Anna), +62 811-8805-538 (Davy) or Email: info@