What is the function of drainage cell? We know that this material can be used in various places or areas. That is why; the function can be similar or different.

Before knowing the function, you must know what the drainage cell is. It refers to the techniques and systems applied to manage water.

Furthermore, another major job that it has is to prevent excessive moisture buildup. It is especially behind your retaining wall so that it becomes more sturdy and stronger.

Drainage Cell
drainage cell

It is important for the Structure

You must consider using this drainage cell since it is so important. It will ensure the longevity and stability of your construction structure. This cell can manage water effectively.

That is why; it can help to prevent damage as well, especially the one that is caused by soil erosion, hydrostatic pressure, and any potential structural failures. 

Proper drainage like that is supported by certain drainage systems and materials. Those are the gravel backfill, perforated pipes, weep holes, geotextile fabrics, and drainage outlets. 

Those variants will work together to make or divert water away from your backfill. Then it maintains the structural integrity of this retaining wall.

What is the Function of Drainage Cell?

What is the function of drainage cell? The major function has been listed above, but it still has some other advantages and these are based on where you install this thing.

1.     In Commercial Area

In the commercial area, this drainage cell is used for structural integrity. It will make your wall more stable than before, so the risks of tilting, shifting, or failure can be prevented. 

Besides that, it will make your wall be used for a longer time and provide a safe environment for us. Then, this item is also good for aesthetic value and gives you positive impressions. 

2.     In Industrial Places

In industrial areas, the drainage cell is good for safety and security. Usually, a project owner will install these items to give the structural reinforcement and support the heavy loads. 

Proper drainage will minimize the risks of property damage, accidents, and other disruptions to Industrial operations. Furthermore, it is also a great protection against erosion. 

Industrial areas need a higher level of water runoff because the developers make the paved surfaces up to the impermeable structures. The drainage system will redirect water, and control it, to prevent erosion.

3.     In Residential Areas

In this area, the drainage cell is good for foundation protection. It can protect residential properties, especially the ones that are located in sloping terrain. 

It will divert the water away from that foundation, and prevent the moisture process which can affect the structure’s integrity. Besides that, it also has other functions in residential areas as follows: 

  • Landscape Preservation where it can prevent the waterlogging situation. It will ensure the beauty of a residential area and the outdoor spaces can be done properly. As the homeowner, you can enjoy the patios, gardens, and yards. 
  • No basement flooding. It is good to prevent basement flooding, especially in a property that is located in slopped terrain.

What is the function of drainage cell? Now you know that this cell is so essential for construction. You must consider applying it to make your projects safer.

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