The geogrid retaining wall cost is an essential information to know. It is a product that you may need to use. It is especially important to make the wall in your construction area is stronger than before. 

Basically, the overall cost can be different based on several factors. Those are the size of your wall, types of Geogrid to use, the product size, and so on. 

If your wall is large or high enough, using help from the engineer is recommended. Sometimes, a geogrid manufacturer also opens a service to help you count that thing. 


The Geogrid Retaining Wall Cost

There is a formula that you may want to note in order to measure and calculate the price. That formula is Geogrid length = 0.8 x Retaining wall height which is quite effective to measure the medium area.

It means that if your wall is maybe 5 feet tall. Then you may need 4 feet long of geogrid layer. The price of geogrid is around $0.6 – $1.56 in the market nowadays; online or offline. 

You just multiply it to know the total geogrid retaining wall cost. However, the price can be different based on some aspects too such as the type of product, size, etc. 

To get the right product, we recommend you to discuss with the manufacturer to get the best length and so on. You can call their customer service or marketing staff. 

When You Need a Geogrid

After talking about the geogrid retaining wall cost, you may also have a question about when is the right time to apply this product. When your wall is taller than 3-4 feet, many soil reinforcements will require Geogrid. 

Besides that, it is also recommended for poor soils, steep slopes near the wall, loads above that area, or tiered places. This product is actually recommended to adjust for almost all uncontrollable impacts. 

It is especially for the stability and durability of the buildings. Besides considering the wall’s height, you can decide to apply this product to add safety and longevity reason. 

One thing for sure is that the geogrid retaining wall cost is cheaper than the other methods. That is why; it must become one of the alternatives to try.

About Geogrid and Its details

It may maybe your first time of using this material. If it is so, you may need to know about this item and any further details as follows:

1.     The Definition 

Geogrid is known as a polymer-based geosynthetic material. In its application, this product will be placed horizontally between the wall courses and extend into the ground behind your wall. 

The reinforcement using this material can improve the bulk and stability of a wall. Besides that, it can make the soil more stable than before. 

2.     Where you can Apply it

The geogrid retaining wall cost can be based on how large your area is. Basically, these products can be installed in several places such as the walls Made with greenery.

Then it is also for the slope, embankments which have been steepened, bunds which are more brittle, and so on. Generally, the major function is to add more strength and make sure to count the geogrid retaining wall cost first. 

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