The geomat erosion control cost for a project depends on several things. One of them is how big your project is. Basically, the costs can be expensive or affordable based on some considerations.

However, you have to understand the Geomat detail first before talking about the cost. Generally, The shape of this item is a physical three-dimensional mesh arranged irregularly. 

You can see that it has a unique shape. From that shape of the material, it is specifically designed to be able to hold the stem to the roots of plants and also the new vegetation.


The Geomat Erosion Control Cost

What we can say about the geomat erosion control cost is it depends on the products that you choose. It is because this item comes in some sizes such as per meter or in a roll form. 

The per-meter item is then divided again into some aspects such as the thickness, width, and materials. It is more recommended if your project land is not too big. 

However, if your project is so huge, you may want to use the roll or sheet version. It is so big and it may cost you up to $100. Choosing this type for a huge project is more profitable. 

It is because the overall price or cost is not too expensive. Make sure to buy it from a manufacturer or supplier of Geomat that is trusted and professional. 

Proper Installation to Press the Cost 

Besides knowing about the geomat erosion control cost you have to understand the right way to install it. Here are some tips for installation that you may need to know. 

1.     Clean the surface first

First of all, you should clean the surface of the area where this Geomat will be applied. Make sure that it is free from some objects which can disturb the installation.

Those are like rocks, stones, and so on. The key is to make this surface as flat as possible. Besides that, you need to ensure that there are not any sharp objects there. 

2.     Start the Installation 

If the slope surface is clean and ready, then the installation can be done. You must place the Geomat layer on the slope with a length of 50 cm to 100 cm. It is essential to make the material does not sag easily.

The right installation will make your geomat erosion control cost not too expensive. Then degree the item material down the slope and Manage its position by sticking wood as a mark. 

Please ensure that this wood is at least 20cm long. If you find that the slope surface tends to be wavy, more woods must be placed there.

Consider other Costs too

This wood installation has a very important role. It will make the geomat can be tightly attached to the entire surface. Make sure that all materials used here are strong and durable. 

You should know that the geomat erosion control cost varies from $3 up to $6 per meter square. It is better to check on everything from a manufacturer’s website. 

You may need to consider other costs that may be there too. One thing for sure is that the geomat erosion control cost is more affordable than if you use other methods. 

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