The information we will explain below will discuss the function of geomat erosion control. Surely you’re curious about this information, aren’t you? Therefore, make sure that you read all the information carefully.

Right now you may be confused about how to deal with soil erosion that occurs in the environment near your house. Because if you don’t deal with soil erosion immediately, it can cause a lot of losses that you may have never imagined before.

This will also be the main topic of discussion this time, namely the dangers of soil erosion which you should not just ignore. For this reason, you can read the discussion that we have prepared below carefully.


Dangers of Not Installing Geomat Erosion Control

Geomat is a layer that is usually installed on the ground to minimize or even prevent soil erosion. So geomats are very suitable for those of you who live in places where the land is sloping and has a risk of landslides.

Nowadays there are lots of geomat products that you can use, ranging from cheap to expensive. All of these products have the same goal, namely to prevent soil erosion and prevent landslides which can endanger your health.

Therefore, in this discussion we will provide information about the dangers of not installing geomat erosion control which can cause many things. What are you curious about? Read the complete information below carefully.

1.     Loss of soil layer

Erosion that occurs due to not installing geomats can cause loss of soil layers. Losing the soil layer itself will cause the nutrients in the soil to also disappear and will result in the soil no longer being fertile.

Even though the agricultural sector is the most important sector for us to protect and preserve. Because almost all healthy food comes from nature and one of them is from the agricultural sector.

2.     Water pollution

The next danger caused by not installing geomat erosion control is water pollution. Water pollution will occur when soil erosion enters the water flow and is mixed with fertilizer, pesticides and other chemicals.

When this happens, it will certainly threaten aquatic life and even human health. Because there are still many people who use groundwater as drinking water or for daily consumption.

3.     Habitat destruction

Soil that is increasingly eroded and caused by you not installing geomat erosion control will cause habitat damage. Various flora and fauna will have difficulty finding a place to live or eat, which will ultimately cause them to die and can disrupt the ecosystem.

4.     Infrastructure damage

Erosion that is not treated can certainly trigger landslides. Landslides themselves are a disaster that can cause a lot of losses to their victims. Various infrastructure such as houses, cars and public facilities will definitely experience damage.

Not only that, not installing geomats can also cause loss of land productivity, local climate change, and even threaten groundwater availability. But you don’t need to worry because you can easily overcome this by installing geomat erosion control as discussed above.

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