The geomat erosion control price from a manufacturer is usually displayed on its website. It makes this kind of shopping more comfortable for many people. 

One thing for sure is that these prices are sometimes different based on several things. Those are the sizes, thicknesses, materials, and many more again. 

Choosing an affordable product is always good and can reduce your cost. However, it is better to not make price the only consideration since you need to know the quality too. 


The Geomat Erosion Control Price

Geomat Is a geosynthetic material used in geotechnical applications to improve and strengthen soils. They have various types that are structured and reinforced using HDPE and galvanized wire mesh.

The prices can be divided into some factors and several manufacturers may have different prices. Here is the common geomat erosion control price in the market. 

  • 5 layers (2 meters x 3 meters) is around US$ 5 per meter square
  • 4 layers (2 meters x 3 meters) is around US$ 4 per meter square 
  • 3 layers (2 meters x 3 meters) is for about US$ 3 per meter square

Those are the prices per meter square. However, you can also purchase this product on a huge sheet. The price is for sure more expensive than the per meter square above. 

However, buying in a huge sheet form or roll can be more profitable for a large project. This is because the final calculation for this Geomat is more affordable. 

Types of Geomat 

Based on the information, the types of Geomat can be divided into two options. Those are type 2 and 3, here is the further information that you can note. 

1.     Type 2

Type 2 Avalanche Control Erosion Geomat is a material that has a three-dimensional structure and is made from 100% virgin HDPE. This three-dimensional structure can retain the basic soil layer.

It is as well as the roots of grass or growing plants. Thus, providing strength against raindrops and runoff, so that you may use it for your project too. 

2.     Type 3

The Type 3 Avalanche Control Wire Net is an erosion control material that is reinforced using galvanized wire mesh. This type can add strength to the material. 

The addition of tensile strength to the wire mesh can increase by about 40 kN/m. That is why; the geomat erosion control price between these types can be different. 

Consider other Things 

Besides the prices, you may put other aspects as the considerations. First of all is about the materials and also the thickness. The thicker product is considered the stronger one. 

However, it is a bit more expensive, and you need to put more effort into installation. Another consideration is the size. You can buy a product per meter square if a project is not too large. 

Meanwhile for the huge one, it is better to use the roll shape. The geomat erosion control price in a roll form like that can be cheaper. 

Then don’t forget to pay attention to the installation process. You have to do it right. You can ask an expert to help you with that and count the geomat erosion control price. 

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