The use of geomat for roads is essential and now so many people are considering doing it. It is especially for a project that is quite big and close to certain risks, such as erosion. 

This fabric offers so many benefits for a project like that. It can prevent the area from erosion and make the land more stable than before. For us as a human, that situation will be better and safer. 

The good thing is that this item is so easy to find. You can purchase it from various stores; online or offline. However, don’t forget to pay attention to any details which are essential too.


What is Geomat Fabric 

Geomat is a geosynthetic product that is made from the type of HDPE. This product is used as a medium to control erosion on slopes that are often caused by water and wind. 

The shape of this geomat for roads is a net with constant holes. The sheets consist of 2 to 5 layers that are wedged (welded) between one layer and another.

This item is generally black and green. Because of its manufacture that uses the pure HDPE material, this product is able to withstand extreme weather conditions and chemicals. 

You can say that it is the right solution for those of you who need strong and quality erosion control coating materials on slope construction. The tensile strength of this material is from 0.8 KN/m to 3.2 KN/m.

Benefits and Functions of Geomat 

Material like Geomat is so useful for a project or construction. Here are some good things from Geomat that you need to note: 

  • High tensile strength 
  • Durable, especially when you place it under the ground 
  • Easy and lightweight distribution.
  • Really
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Easy to install
  • Contained levels of UV-Resistance (resistant to solar radiation for a certain time)
  • Lower cost

The Applications of Geomat are varied. First of all, you can use geomat for roads to strengthen the construction of highway slopes or toll roads. 

Then you may apply it to the Dam slope construction, access road slopes, constructions of flyover slopes, and so on. Basically, it is so good to prevent erosion and make the soil more stable. 

Types and Sizes of Geomat for Roads

Geomat material consists of 4 types, including EM2, EM3, EM4 and EM5. Of the four types, of course, they have specifications and standard roll diameter sizes which are explained as follows. 

1.     Geomat EM2

EM2 geomat is a material consisting of two layers or two layers of material. This type is the most economical one for various types of slope reinforcement projects.

It is good for roads with slopes that are not too steep. You can easily purchase this geomat for roads from some stores online or offline. 

2.     EM 3 and EM 4

M3 type is a material consisting of layers of material or three layers. That allows this material to be used as a slope erosion control blanket material that is stronger than the EM2 type.

Meanwhile, the EM4 type is a type with four layers of material that is very strong and suitable for use on steep slopes or cliffs. The advantage of this type is that it is better than the EM3 type to bind the stem to the roots of vegetation.

3.     EM 5 

This EM 5 type has five layers of very thick layers, very suitable for use on slopes or cliffs that are very steep, wet, or tend to be watery.

Those are some explanations you need to know. The various types of geomat for roads are needed in several projects.

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