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Coastal erosion can be quite dangerous if left untreated. If not handled and prevented, abrasion can continue to erode the coast and threaten residential areas living close to the coast.

One way to overcome and prevent this is to install geobags around the coast. In this way, abrasion can be prevented or even reduced and residential areas near the coast will not be threatened.


Geobag Wholesale Indonesia, What Is It Used For?

Indonesia is one of the countries with the longest coastline in the world and has underwater beauty that is second to none. Many people also work as fishermen and fish in the middle of the ocean.

Despite its beauty, it turns out that the sea has a time bomb that can harm many people. Abrasion caused by tidal waves is a time bomb that could explode at any time and harm many people who live close to the coast.

However, this is not a big problem because it can be solved with a geobag. This will also be the main topic of discussion on this occasion, namely geobag wholesale Indonesia.

Geobag itself is a geotextile product that functions to prevent and control abrasion near the beach which can endanger residents near the beach. Geobags are usually filled with solid materials such as stones and gravel as sea wave breakers.

But it turns out that there are many more functions of geobags that are very beneficial for our lives. Are you curious about the functions of geobags? Read the complete explanation in the discussion on geobag wholesale Indonesia.

1.     Prevent beach erosion

Beach erosion is a frightening threat to most people who live in coastal areas. Apart from the coastline getting closer to settlements, coastal erosion can also increase the risk of flooding when the sea is high.

This of course can really disturb many parties, from workers to fishermen who can no longer fish. Therefore, the use of geobags, which is the main topic of discussion on Indonesian wholesale geobags, could be one solution.

Geobags filled with rocks and gravel will be placed on the beach with the aim of breaking waves and preventing abrasion. That way the coastline will not get closer to residential areas.

2.     Controls soil erosion

Apart from preventing abrasion, geobags are the main topic of discussion on geobag wholesale Indonesia, you can also use them to regulate and control soil erosion, especially on slopes and rivers. That way the risk of landslides can be smaller and will not endanger many people.

3.     Used in various constructions

Geobags are actually divided into several types. One of them is a dewatering geobag which has many functions, including removing the mixture of water and mud in the construction area which can make the construction weak.

There are many benefits that you will get if you use geobags for various problems. You can only know about this discussion if you have listened to the information about geobag wholesale Indonesia.

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