The geobags application is varied and it can be used in many places. Furthermore, it will help a place to survive natural disasters such as floods, abrasion, and so on.

Geobags are materials shaped like sacks that are used to contain soil, sand, and similar materials. In general, the function of this thing is as sacks to wrap soil or sand which is used to make temporary or permanent embankments.

Choosing the high-quality geobags is so important. You should understand several factors of why a product can be said as a high-quality one. Examples are stitching, materials used, thickness, size, and so on. Then you are ready to apply these items in an area based on your needs.


The Geobags Application

Since this geotextile bag is available in many sizes and types, you may apply them in several situations. Here are the common geobags application that you can also follow.

1.     Blanket for a slope

You can put one or maybe two layers of bags. Then place them straightly on the slope, but there is one important trick that you should understand about this application.

It is better not to fill the bags completely because an ‘interlocking’ problem may arise. It will make the bags not too round and the sides flatten out.

2.     As a stack

For this formation, you should stack up the bags in the shape of a pyramid. Lie the bags in half-overlapping where their long side parallel to the shoreline.

When doing this geobags application, make sure you have a partner to see that the foundation is strong enough and not rough. Be careful of any sharp elements because they can damage the casing of this bag.

3.     Beaches and Harbor

These bags are usually installed on the beaches and harbors. The aim is to prevent erosion and flooding due to the seawater so that the areas around can be safe.

The Non-woven geotextile bags are widely used for construction to control abrasion on shorelines. They can be used for making temporary embankments in construction areas or for handling river overflow floods, tidal waves, and landslides.

Tips on Installing the Geobags

There are some tips that you can follow due to this geobags application. It is better not to fill the bags completely where the recommended ratio is approximately 75%.

Then, you have to prepare the area properly where it should be stable enough and free from the sharp elements. These sharp things are sharp stones, nails, thin irons, etc.

Don’t forget to choose the right size of geobags. The considerations must be based on several factors such as how large an area is, what it is for, and so on. You can check the sizes first and then choose the right one.

It is also recommended to have a discussion and get some pieces of advice from a manufacturer about the right size for your project. They will help you to choose the right one; whether it is woven or non-woven.

If you can do this installation by yourself and your team, then do it. If it is not, you can call a service or company that can help you with this geobags application need.

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