Geotube breakwater is not a new thing. It is especially for people who want to avoid erosion, protect the beaches, and so on. This product is also known as the geotextile tube which has so many benefits. 

As it is named, it is beneficial for protecting the land, and beaches, and managing erosion. It is a tube that is filled with sand just like a sandbag, which stabilizes the coastline.

Before installing and buying this item, you have to understand its details first. So, below is more information about this product and also its features. 


The Details of Geotube Breakwater

In the market (online or conventional), you may find that there are some details about this tube. Those are from the size, color, etc, and here is the detail that you should know. 

1.     The Feature

Let us start with the Geotube breakwater feature. It is made from the geotextile woven material which has several length options such as 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 feet. 

The circumferences are also varied from 15, 22.5, 30, then 45, 75, 60, or 90 feet. The Colors for fabrics that are available are the classic black or a choice of beige sand colors that allow the breakwater tube to blend in with your surroundings.

2.     It’s Benefits 

It is for sure that this breakwater tube has so many advantages for our nature. Those are to protect the shoreline for a long time where it becomes a long-term investment. 

Then it is specially made to fave the difficult environment and UV resistant too. It will become a good cover or protection for corals and other things. 

How This Tube Works 

Geotube breakwater provides wave protection and shoreline stabilization. They hold sand and sediment firmly in their place. Geotube filling for coastal protection creates a reliable barrier to stabilize the inclined terrain.

It will keep the sand sand from being carried into the sea. To control the internal pressure when filling the breakwater unit like this, leave one hole open for water to flow out of the tube.

Water will allow the sand to be evenly dispersed and drained into this breakwater tube. Fill your geotube non-stop for the best results with a mixture of 15 percent sand and 85 percent water. 

The normal filling rate for beach protection geotextile tubes is 60-150 cubic yards per hour. Meanwhile, the normal slurry flow rate for beach protection is 1,500 to 2,500 gallons per minute.

What Applications Can This Tube be Used For?

Geotube breakwater units are practical erosion control products that can be used for a variety of applications and projects. It will solve the problem of shoreline erosion control with woven geotextile tubes for coastal protection. 

When you use this thing on the beach as artificial dunes, you can trap sand and sediment to ensure the shoreline doesn’t erode. It can also serve as breakwaters or piers.

It will provide wave protection for environmentally sensitive areas and coastlines that are prone to erosion. You can stack this tube on the shore to create vertical sea dikes.

That can be a good solution to protect an area. It is because the geotube breakwater breaks the waves that hit the shore properly.

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