Knowing about the geotube size is essential, especially if you have a plan to use this item as soon as possible. Before, it is recommended to understand its definition first. 

It is also called the “geotextile tube” which is known as the large bag and is made of permeable woven geotextile. That is why; it is stronger than the standard sandbags. 

You will see that this product is used in erosion control projects and civil engineering as well. The erosion control projects are retaining walls, embankments, bank protections, reservoirs, etc. 


The Geotube Size and Feature 

In fact, there are several details that you have to note first. Below is further information about those details such as the size, features, and more.

1.     The standard size

The standard size for a geotube is 22” up to 100 feet in length. Meanwhile, the circumference is varied between 120′. However, a manufacturer can provide the custom size as well. 

It means that you can request certain geotube size for them. Just contact the manufacturer and tell them about the custom sizes that you want to have. 

2.     Common applications 

With certain sizes and features above, this geotextile tube is usually applied to some areas. Those are the industrial lagoon, sludge removal, aquaculture facilities, and agricultural compost. 

It is also beneficial for breakwater for hotels and beachside houses. You may want to apply it for dewatering in wastewater plants, coal plants, geotube for seawalls, and so on. 

3.     Filling port spacing 

The filling port spacing is usually 1 – 3 ports. Make sure to understand that one port is for every 50′ of length so that this product can work well. 

Due to its durable materials, the increasing geotube size is reliable in all weather conditions. The removal process is also easy and it can reduce risk in operational security. 

Geotube for Coastal Protection 

This item is also good to be used as coastal protection, reclaim land, protect shorelines, and rebuild beaches. Geotextile tubes can create breakwater, sand dune cores, and underwater structures. 

The benefits range from its affordability, easy installation, custom solutions, accuracy, and many more again. Somehow, it will protect your property effectively from storms. 

Those are from a hurricane and the storm surges that it makes. Using the proper geotube size will be useful to trap sand and hold it in the right place to avoid further erosion.

The Benefits of Geotextile Tube 

Geotextile tube nowadays comes with it’s advantages such as being designed for a large dewatering application. It uses high-strength woven fabrics and large sizes are available. 

It has a low maintenance characteristic and that is why; this geotube is cost-effective as well. It will effectively filter out silt, waste, and sediments. 

You can choose the right size based on specific requirements. Furthermore, this tube is environmentally friendly, versatile, and efficient. You may use this item to handle many chemicals and contaminated water. 

Sometimes you may need the smaller size for a small dewatering job. Just call a manufacturer and tell them about this custom geotube size since they can make it for you too. 

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