Geotextile bidim is certainly one of the materials that has an important role or function and its use is useful in the world of geotextile. Especially for land with soft soil conditions. This geotextile has elements that are very helpful in strengthening the soil. So that it will make the soil in an area not collapse easily.

Using geotextile is also a cheaper way to strengthen the soil. Geotextile itself is a coating material that is useful for various jobs in the field of civil engineering. The material is composed of synthetic yarn, both woven and non-woven types. Each type has an optimal function for civil works.

The ideal geotextile bidim layer is a geotextile that is proven to be effective in strengthening the soil. In addition, the use of this geotextile layer is usually also permeable for plants. So that later the plants on it can grow well without interference. Then, when it rains, water can also enter and be absorbed into the soil normally and well.

Geotextile Bidim Function

A good Bidim Geotextile has its own characteristics. For example, it has the right rigidity, weight or weight, and density. In addition, it also has the right ductility, tensile strength, tear strength, and friction resistance and is also flexible. Then geotextile is also resistant to abrasion, biological, chemical, hydraulic, and mechanical degradation.

Bidim geotextile is also able to drain water well and smoothly and will not cause erosion. Geotextile has many important functions and we need it for various purposes. Its function, for example, is separation, filtration, protection, and drainage. The following is a discussion of the functions and applications of geotextile:


The first function of geotextile bidim is as a separator for soft soil from heap material. In this case, geotextile is useful in the construction of roads, railways, and dikes that have soft and unstable soil. Geotextile is also able to reduce the number of stockpiles needed and improve the quality of roads or railways.


Because it has a porous texture, the bidim geotextile allows water to pass. But even so, geotextiles also play a role in filtering and preventing soil migration. Because geotextile has a relatively small pore opening with fairly high permeability. So that way, this geotextile is able to hold soil grains optimally.

Geotextile Bidim for Drainage

Bidim geotextile also has a function to improve the performance of water drainage. For example, in drainage from roads, railroads, sports fields, and so on. Geotextile will help maximize water disposal so that it can run more optimally. So the risk of damage, roads and other things due to water.


Bidim geotextile also serves as protection against dikes from damage to rainwater, wind to tidal sea waves. Therefore this material is often installed to protect slope areas, coastal areas, dam embankments, retaining walls, and sloping ground. That way, the soil remains safe and protected from erosion.

Those are the various functions or benefits of geotextile bidim. From the above, it proves that geotextile is useful in road construction, railways, stabilization of soft soils, and for drainage systems.

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