Geotextile drain is certainly a very important material in drainage because it can provide various benefits that are very useful. Geotextile itself is a material made of synthetic materials and its shape resembles fabric. This material has many benefits for civil projects such as highway construction, rail construction to drainage.

The use of geotextile will also not have an impact that damages the surrounding environment. Because with geotextile for various projects including drainage, it will reduce the use of construction materials that are more harmful to the environment. In addition, using geotextile is also able to help reduce waste left over from construction.

In civil engineering projects including drainage, geotextile materials certainly also have a very important role. Geotextile will act as a filter by allowing water to flow through it but preventing particles from passing through. In addition, this material is also able to prevent the growth of weeds or annoying grass.

Geotextile Drain Non Woven

Geotextile Drain Non-Woven for Drainage

Geotextile itself is divided into two different types, namely woven geotextile and non-woven geotextile drain. The first type, geotextile woven is made of polypropylene fibers woven to form sheets. Physically, this type of woven looks like a woven carpet that is black, strong, and flexible. Geotextile woven is able to drain water without carrying material.

Then the type of non woven geotextile is made of polyester or polypropylene yarn which is arranged irregularly and unweaves. The manufacturing process uses advanced technology and the shape resembles a white carpet. This type of geotextile drain has a function for separating and filtrating materials and is able to drain water without carrying soil material.

Of the two types above, geotextile that is very suitable for drain systems is the type of non-woven the geotextile. This is because non-woven geotextile has a carpet-like shape with very small pore holes. So that this material is able to filter soil grains well and maximally. In addition, this type also has good tear resistance and tensile strength.

Functions and Advantages of Non Woven Geotextile

The use of non-woven geotextile can improve the performance of the drain system for the better. In its use, non-woven geotextile will act as the bottom layer of the drainage system to prevent soil erosion due to water flow. Then this type of geotextile drain is also able to drain water well so as to reduce the risk of flooding.

In addition, non-woven geotextile is also able to function in soil stabilization. So as to increase the carrying capacity of the soil and reduce the risk of landslides. Another advantage of nonwoven geotextile is that it is resistant to UV exposure. Then hold it with the action of backfilling or closing so that it is suitable for drainage.

With the above advantages, of course, the use of a non-woven geotextile drain can be the best choice. Especially in making drainage systems while maintaining the environment. In addition to drainage, nonwoven geotextile is also suitable for making waste ponds, repairing roads and railways to strengthening slopes and embankments.

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