Geotextile drainage fabric is one type of geosynthetic material that looks like a carpet. But this geosynthetic is made of polypropylene or polyester. The production process of geotextile fabrics woven or without woven with advanced technology. Geotextiles also have various advantages of their own.

For example, geotextile fabrics in drainage systems contain carbon black UV which is able to protect from UV rays. Has high tensile strength to ensure the safety of soil structure. Then it has small-sized pore openings with high permeability. So that this allows water to flow without carrying material.

Another advantage is that it has good mechanical and hydraulic resistance as a separator and filter material. Geotextile fabrics also have a high permeability to drain excess pore water arising from passing loads. It then has a high interaction coefficient to create constraints against lateral forces at the interface between geotextiles and aggregates.

Geotextile Drainage Fabric

Benefits of Geotextile Drainage Fabric

Geotextiles can be the right solution to improve your drainage system. This material will also offer various benefits to increase the effectiveness and life of the drainage system. Therefore, you can use geotextile fabric for the drainage system. Well, here we will discuss what are the benefits of this geotextile fabric:

Increase Drainage System Efficiency

The first benefit of geotextile for drainage systems is that it is able to improve drainage systems. Geotextile allows water to flow easily and prevents soil and other materials from clogging drainage. This means that geotextile drainage fabric can prevent the risk of adverse flooding. That way you can save money on drainage maintenance.

In addition to drainage systems, geotextile fabric are also able to prevent erosion on open land. Whether it’s erosion because the bare land is washed away by rainwater or wind. So of course geotextile fabric is also able to prevent erosion in the construction area. In addition, geotextiles can even provide a stable base for plants to grow.

Preventing Erosion

Geotextile fabric is also able to prevent soil erosion because it can provide a stable base and prevent it from being washed away. Geotextile fabric on the drainage system will act as a barrier. So that the cloth will allow water to flow while holding the soil from being carried away. These benefits will certainly prevent damage to the drainage system.

Geotextile Drainage Fabric Acts as a Filter

Geotextile fabric can also act as filter to prevent contaminants from entering the drainage system. The fabric can hold various impurities and prevent them from clogging the line pipe. This is especially important for areas with high pollution levels where contaminants pose a serious threat to the environment.

If you do not use geotextile in the drainage system, the pipe may become clogged. As a result, water cannot flow smoothly and instead stagnates. This certainly will not happen if you use geotextile fabrics. With geotextiles, the drainage system can avoid various problems and be able to function properly.

Those are the various benefits of geotextile drainage fabric which is certainly very useful. Therefore, you can also take advantage of this geotextile fabric.

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