On this occasion we will discuss what is woven geotextile used for and what advantages you will get from using this product. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to the entire discussion that we have prepared below.

Soil construction that is not strong can be caused by various things ranging from poor drainage to erosion. Soil construction that is not strong will greatly affect various buildings and the surrounding environment.

Weak soil construction can cause the foundation of your building or house to also weaken. This can of course be very dangerous if left untreated and could endanger the safety of you and your family.

geotextile woven
geotextile woven

What Is Woven Geotextile Used for

Woven geotextile is a synthetic sheet that has pores, allowing this product to have water-permeable and flexible properties. Geotextiles are commonly used in various civil engineering projects and usually have very good durability.

This product is usually used as a method to strengthen the structure of the soil on which a house or building will be built. Geotextiles are able to maintain good soil stability and prevent buildings standing on it from shocks, erosion or land shifts.

Not only that, there are many other functions or uses for woven geotextiles which are also the main topic of discussion about what is woven geotextile used for. For those of you who are curious about what its uses are, you can read the discussion below.

Woven geotextile is usually used as a layer for foundation soil that will be used to build houses and buildings. As we explained above in discussing what is woven geotextile used for, this product can help stabilize the soil and buildings above it.

Apart from that, woven geotextiles are also commonly used in road work projects. This is because geotextiles can help distribute the load throughout the area which of course will ensure that the road does not get damaged quickly and can last a long time.

Not only that, the product which is the main topic of discussion this time is also often used in water drainage projects. Due to its characteristic of having many pores, geotextiles are able to control water flow and prevent sedimentation.

Advantages of Using Woven Geotextile

Geotextiles are used by many people not because they do not have advantages. Because there are many advantages that you will get if you use this product in the environment where you live.

One of them is soil control and preventing soil erosion which can be very dangerous for you and your family. If soil erosion is allowed to continue continuously, it can cause landslides when the rainy season arrives.

Another advantage of the product which is the main topic of discussion about what is woven geotextile used for this time is as drainage. Because geotextiles have pores, this will allow water to get in and out.

In this way, geotextiles can be used as a method to drain and also store ground water. It is not surprising that many agricultural lands use geotextiles as a place to facilitate groundwater circulation.

You can easily get these various benefits just by using woven geotextile products. But first make sure to pay attention to the discussion about what is woven geotextile used for.

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