Choosing the best modular tank for water storage can be tricky sometimes. In the market, you can find various products that are made from different materials.

A high-quality tank like this can transport drinking water, water your garden, put out fires, and more. In other words, you may say that it is also a serious investment to have.

It is for sure that you want to get the right product which does not break the bank. Making the smart choice is a must and there are some considerations that you should have. 

Modular Tank
Modular Tank

Think about the Capacity

Determining the capacity is for sure the first step to do. You have to consider the size of your property, water usage needs, and some future expansion plans. 

For information, tanks come in many capacities. Those range from a small household unit up to a large-scale modular tank for water. The large scale is usually for an industrial need.

Think about where you will place this unit first and determine the area’s dimension. The tank’s size and dimension must fit that size limitation so that the installation can be done smoothly. 

The Modular Tank for Water Storage Materials 

Usually, this kind of tank is made from 3 common materials. Those are the steel, fiberglass, and polyethylene (plastic). Below is the information about the materials which are applied.

1.     Plastic / Polyethylene

It is so famous for many reasons such as being more lightweight, and easier to install, and transport. Besides that, it is also more affordable than the metal one.

Due to those characteristics, this polyethylene tank is more recommended for small-scale use. The example is small business, plantation, garden, household, company, etc.

2.     Steel / Metal

This modular tank for water storage is for you who need a super durable unit. It has a longer lifespan because it is so durable and resistant to corrosion. 

Based on data, it can last up to 30 years and that is why; it is more for industrial or commercial uses. Due to their ‘heavy’ duty, this tank also has a heavyweight.

It makes them are quite difficult to be placed on rooftops. You must consider the additional personnel or machinery for installing this steel product.

Installation Requirements and Maintenance Needs

Usually, the steel modular tank for water storage is installed by a licensed installer or contractor. It is because they will use specialized equipment for lifting the panels, etc. 

Meanwhile, the polyethylene ones require only a few tools such as the leveler and drill. Whatever the materials are, you must do the proper regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. 

It is better to choose a tank that is easy to inspect, clean, and maintain. Some features can be your consideration too such as the removable parts, access points, and recommended maintenance schedule. 

Another important consideration about a modular tank for water is its UV resistance ability. It must be UV-resistant because it will be exposed to sunlight.

Usually, a manufacturer will coat its product with a UV-resistant coating. Other safe materials may be used for this modular tank for water to make it durable.

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