What is the modular rainwater tank? As it is named, it is a tank that is used to store rainwater. The rainwater will be straightly stored there before it has any contact with the ground. 

Since it has no contact with the ground, this water is safe to drink. That is why; this product must be made from safe materials. It is good to ensure its quality and the water inside. 

Now, this item has been used in many countries. It is especially in the area where is quite easy to get water. Storing that liquid inside can be used later for many purposes.

Modular Tank
Modular Tank

What a Modular Rainwater Tank is Made of? 

Usually, this product is made from polyethylene. It is for sure that a material like this is UV-stabilized and food-grade at the same time. 

Furthermore, it is also strong and lightweight. You can install it everywhere; underground or upper ground where the price is also cheaper than other materials. 

It can be molded into all sizes as well. Besides that, the polyethylene modular rainwater tank is durable and lightweight which makes this unit easy to install.

There are some color options to choose from so that you can match your taste. Don’t worry because they are non-corrosive too so it will not taint the rainwater supply. 

How It Is Worked 

The tank must be installed first and then rainwater will be stored there. It means that the rainwater will not have any contact with the ground. 

It makes the water is still clean and safe enough to be drunk. However, everything depends on how you treat it and the modular rainwater tank has to be clean enough.

Furthermore, the water is safe for drinking since it contains less contaminants. Those are soil, residues, debris, and chemical fertilizers.

Besides drinking, this rainwater can be also used for other low-risk purposes. Those are for washing cars, and clothes, filling the swimming pools, and many more again. 

FAQ about Modular Tank

Some of you may maybe questioning many things about this modular rainwater tank. Below are several frequently asked questions that are always there.

1.     When You Should Have This?

In fact, there are some conditions which show that you may need this item as soon as possible. Those are when you want to irrigate your garden the whole year.

Other situations are when you have to save more money for your water bill, want to drink natural water that is safe enough, and currently live in a council area that doesn’t have a water service in town.

Some people also install it because their area has strict water restrictions. Besides that, it is also good for those who live in a place that requires to installation of a retention tank like this.

2.     How long does this tank last?

The lifespan of this modular rainwater tank depends on some factors. The examples are positions, maintenance, and water quality. 

If you consider those factors before installing, this product can last for 20 – 30 years. The good thing is that many factories give up to 20-25-year warranties for their modular rainwater tank products. 

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