Geobox spirit box is a product that you can see to save land from natural disasters. Examples are erosion, abrasion, and flood which come from the sea.
You should know that some places in the world should face this problem, especially in certain months. It is when the rains are quite heavy and happens almost every day.
The seawater may have strong waves that can come to the land area. If that area is not blocked by something, flood will come and this can be dangerous for the people there.


What is Geobox Spirit Box?

It is actually a geotextile box that is in the shape of a box as it is named. It has become an innovative solution for civil engineering and construction.
Its major function is as a place to save or accommodate some materials such as soil, sand, and stones. As we know these are the common materials in various projects.
Geobox has a unique structure that not only gives the maximum storage capacity but also ensures the retention and protection of materials from external factors.
Usually, this geobox spirit box is made from non-woven geotextile. It gives you the right strength and durability so that it can be used for a long-term period.

Why You Should Use It?

There are so many reasons why people love to apply it for construction. Below are some of those reasons and why you have to use it too.

1. Really Durable

Geoboxes are not easily damaged or torn, even if you apply them under heavy loads or extreme environmental conditions. Thus it is also an ideal choice for a professional construction who always needs durable materials.
Geoboxes, which are constructed from nonwoven geotextiles, are developed with specifications that enable them to withstand various types of loads. These are for both; weight and pressure from the environment.
This ensures product durability even in the harshest environmental conditions. This geobox spirit box provides a long-term solution to projects that require it.

2. Flexibility and Storage Efficiency

The flexible nature of this product allows perfect adaptation to the contours of the ground and various other surfaces. That will ensure a perfect integration with the surrounding environment without compromising structural stability.
The cubic shape of the Geobox was produced with the aim of optimizing space. This will enable the storage of materials such as sand, soil, and stone to be more organized and well-managed.

3. Aesthetics and Environmental Integration

Geoboxes can be easily integrated with the surrounding environment through planting vegetation. It can create a natural and attractive aesthetic while supporting the sustainability of the local ecosystem.
In line with the commitment to sustainable practices, some types of this geobox spirit box can be recycled as well. It can reduce the environmental burden and support value creation through the circular economy.

4. Mitigation

The use of Geoboxes reduces the need for excavation and use of other materials. It is good to minimize the environmental impact of construction projects.
It will be supporting environmental conservation and sustainability. That is why; this geobox spirit box can be a smart option and environmentally friendly too.

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