You may ever heard about one of the functions of a geobox to prevent abrasionAbrasion is a situation of soil erosion caused by sea waves and sea tides. 

It can be the sea waves or tides, both have destructive properties. Therefore, the land on the coastline will be damaged if it is continuously exposed to sea waves and tides.

It is a bad situation for sure and can harm the environment around that location. Fortunately, some actions can be taken to handle or prevent abrasion, one of them is by installing a geobox.


What is Geobox?

Geobox and Geobag are two common items that you can buy in the market. They have different shapes, but generally, they have the same functions.

Geobags are bags that are shaped like sacks in general, while Geoboxes are bags that are shaped into blocks. Both have the same function, such as containers for sand, soil, and stone materials. 

These two bags are generally made using sheets of non-woven geotextile material. It is for sure that this material is strong, durable, and stable. These geobox and geobag are usually installed in an area that has a high erosion and abrasion risk.

Examples are cliffs, slopes, road construction in a highland, and so on. These products are varied in size so that you can choose based on your projects’ needs. 

The Applications of Geobox to Prevent Abrasion

The use of geobag and geobox materials is one of the best solutions as a way to overcome coastal abrasion and soil erosion caused by seawater. How to do it, here are various applications of geoboxes and geobags to prevent abrasion.

Geobags and geoboxes are installed in coastal areas to prevent abrasion from seawater erosion. These can be used to prevent soil erosion due to seawater. The Installation of these products at the port functions to protect the port area from sea waves.

The use of geoboxes and geobags is one way to prevent abrasion with revetments in various locations in a coastal area. These are where there are agricultural, fishing, tourism, and residential activities can be found.

The Advantages of Using Geobox

The function of geobox to prevent abrasion is something that we cannot deny. However, this product also has some other pros or advantages for human life.

Using this material is certainly the best solution for dealing with abrasion on the beach. What are the benefits and advantages that can be obtained from using this material, here are some of them:

  • Easy and practical application, quick to do
  • The size can be adjusted to suit needs in the field
  • The best quality materials used are UV-resistant and long-lasting
  • More cost-effective and economical

The construction of coastal revetments is one solution that is now widely applied to protect these risky areas. You should find the best supplier that provides a wide selection of geobag and geobox sizes. 

Apart from selling, usually, this company also has product delivery services and geobox installation services. It will make sure that this product is installed properly.

You can find them easily on the internet or e-commerce. The functions of geobox to prevent abrasion are beneficial for our life and safety.

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