What is geobox? Have you ever heard about this material before? It is a rigid structure in the shape of a box or rectangle which is usually made of materials such as concrete or stone. 

People are used to applying this material as a protective structure to prevent erosion in certain areas. The major examples are the cliffs or slopes that have challenging terrain.

Furthermore, this product is suitable for an area that is always exposed to currents or strong water pressure. Those are the small streams, rivers, and so on.


The Advantages of Using Geobox 

The installation makes an area can stable enough to face erosion and water flow. Besides that, there are still some other advantages of using this product such as: 

1.     Makes the Resilience of Land Structures better

This item will raise the resilience of a land structure that has a high risk of experiencing erosion. It gives a stronger structure around that area, and it will not damage the surrounding environment. 

Geoboxes can also reduce damage to the surrounding environment. By using this product, the surrounding environment can be maintained and protected from damage that can be caused by erosion.

2.     Easy to Install

Geoboxes are easy to install and move. That is why; they can be easily used in various areas where they are needed. These items can also be adjusted to suit your needs and desired size.

It means that they can be installed according to the characteristics of the land and surrounding environment. You will have a wider option of where to install this thing.

3.     Can be customized according to needs

Some brands can be customized according to your needs, such as the size, shape, and materials used. Thus, it can be adjusted to be installed in river areas, cliffs, slopes, or other areas where it is needed.

This material will help increase the land productivity. It is because by preventing erosion, the soil will remain maintained and not eroded by strong water flows or currents. 

4.     Easy to Maintain

Geoboxes are easy to maintain and maintain. Users only need to ensure that this material is in good condition and is not damaged or worn. You should make sure that it is protected well.

By keeping the geobox to prevent erosion in good condition, it will remain effective. You can even use it for several years ahead.

What is Geobox?

Then, what is geobox? This item is also known as geobag and it is a type of geosynthetic material made from polyester (PET), or polypropylene (PP) fibers.

Usually, it comes in the form of a bag or box. This geobag has many models and sizes which of course can be adapted to existing needs in the field. 

The ones made in large sizes will provide stronger construction stability, but will still require handling aids and mobility during installation. This bag requires raw materials (gram/m2) with better seam reinforcement.

Furthermore, it also requires higher polymers and properties to compensate for the elongation properties of raw materials (especially non-woven types). What is geobox? Now you know many things about this item.

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