For those of you who are still curious about information about geocell ground grid and what this product is used for. So the discussion that we have summarized below could be one of the answers you need to know.

Geocell is a product that is currently really needed by many people. How could it not be, this product has so many benefits and will have a positive impact on our daily lives.

But do you know what geocells are, the types and their uses? No need to worry if you don’t know yet because in this discussion we will provide information about this.


Geocell Ground Grid, Various Types and Their Uses

Geocell is a technology created by engineers to create a solid foundation. That way, various buildings built on it can remain strong and withstand various kinds of problems.

However, before entering into a discussion about geocell ground grid, we have a question for you. Do you know what a geocell is? No need to worry if you don’t know yet, because that will also be the main topic of discussion this time.

Geocell is a panel with a 3-dimensional shape which has the characteristics of being light and flexible. One use of geocells is to prevent soil erosion and strengthen the soil structure so that your house can remain standing firmly.

You definitely don’t want the lives of you and other family members to be threatened because the soil structure is not strong. This also triggered us to discuss why you should use geocells which can apparently be used for various constructions.

1.     Types of Geocell Ground Grid

Geocells are divided into two types, namely smooth type geocells and textured types. These two types have their respective functions and advantages. Surely you are curious about what is the difference between these two types of geocells?

·       Smooth Type Geocell

Smooth type geocell has a shape similar to zinc but is much stronger and more flexible. This type of geocell is more widely used in building construction such as toll roads and bridges.

Geocell ground grid The smooth type is also much sought after because it has the advantage of being cheap but has many benefits. You can also choose smooth geocell to be the main choice for the project you are working on.

·       Textured Type Geocell

The second type of geocell is the textured type, as the name suggests, the physical shape of this product is very similar to a honeycomb with the addition of small holes. This type is also often used for building and driveway construction.

2.     The use of Geocells in Our Lives

Geocells are commonly used to help stabilize soil in construction environments. That way, land that was previously unstable can be used to build houses, apartments or other facilities that are useful for you.

Apart from being used to stabilize soil in construction environments, you can also use geocells in river areas and slopes. The method is to place geocells on the slope which will make them function like a retaining wall.

Know first the type and why you are buying a geocell product. That way, you can get the maximum benefits from using geocell ground grid products as we explained previously.

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