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About Geogrid and the Design

Geogrid is an engineering geosynthetic product in the form of an open grid or net. This item is widely applied to the construction sector. You may notice that it has a very high tensile strength.

That is why; they are very suitable for use as slope and pile reinforcement. In general, geogrid basic materials present in the world market consist of several types.

These include Polyester (PET), Polypropylene, and Fibreglass. Meanwhile, the design process using geogrids, especially on slope structures, it is necessary to pay attention to several things.

These are the spacing, shrinking length, and long-term tensile strength of geogrids. In addition, the external stability of the entire mass of the slope also needs to be taken into account. 

The Installation and Application 

Slope reinforcement using this product can be very economical if designed appropriately in accordance with the standard/code. Contact the geogrid fabric wholesale if you need further support. 

Besides the definition and design, you may want to know further. It is especially about the installation process and application information as follows. 

1.     Installation 

The installation is very practical, easy, and fast. This product can be spliced by overlapping and mechanical connection. 

The ones that are spliced overlapping are usually done with a width of 30 cm or at least 3 ribs ( rib). These products can also be mechanically connected using bodkin joints with a width of approximately 38 mm x 6mm.

2.     Geogrid Application

Basically, it can be applied to various projects and areas. Here are where you can apply geogrid fabric wholesale as soon as possible:

  • Slope reinforcement work that has the potential for landslides
  • Construction of soil retaining walls (mechanically stabilized earth wall)
  • Stabilization of the base of soft landfills, swamps, and peatlands
  • Road backfill And Railway construction
  • Landfill backfill
  • Reinforcement of dam backfill
  • Rock fall erosion protection And Road widening construction
  • Pavement stabilization and pavement without pavement
  • More even load distribution on pile and foundation structures

Geogrid Fabric Wholesale Product Specs 

Each manufacturer or wholesale may have different specs. However, usually, the items sold in the market are quite similar, and here are some specs to note:

  • Material: polyethylene and polypropylene 
  • Pull power: 20 kn, 30 kn, 40 kn, 50 kn, and 100 kn
  • Types: Biaxial and Uniaxial 
  • Length: 50 meters and customize 
  • Width: 3.95 meters and customize 

From the specs above, you may notice two types of geogrid. Biaxial is the one that has the shape of a regular grid with certain openings. This opening hole is able to create an interlocking effect of filler material around it.

Meanwhile, Uniaxial on a slope acts as reinforcement that becomes the tensile resistance of that area so as to form a stable structure. You can find both from the geogrid fabric wholesale.

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