Geogrid fabric driveway is maybe the right product for that area in your property. Choosing the right fabric is essential in order to ensure that it will give the right function.

A woven geotextile fabric is the best choice because it has a higher tensile or grab. It can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles for many years. 

There are some grades available and the standard one is more for a residential application and civil/commercial application. This product works by giving a separation layer between a driveway gravel with the earth below.


Geogrid Fabric Driveway: The Installation Steps

This geogrid fabric driveway will become a stabilizing layer. Then it reduces the number of rocks (up to 30%) and it means a reduction in overall cost too

To install this fabric, there are some steps that you need to do. Here is the further guides about it, so that you can do the correct steps. 

1.     Prepare the Site

For this site preparation, make sure to remove all vegetation from the area. Those vegetation are grass, shrubs, brush, etc that might be in the way of that path. 

You should ensure that the subgrade soil is smooth. The flath path is essential to make a good foundation since you will lay the fabric there. 

2.     Install the Fabric

When the site is ready, it is time to install this geogrid fabric driveway. Usually, it is in a roll item where you have to install it in the same directions as guided by the project plans.

Making the right direction will ensure that your pathway is more durable. Besides that, the product can give the best full design strength as well. 

The roll sizing is varied between 12.5’ up to 17.5’ wide. You can ask them about this thing first to the manufacturer. 

Secure Everything with Staples

When all parts of the geogrid fabric driveway are on the ground, make sure to secure it with staples. It will make all parts stay there and doesn’t move.

The staples used standard 6” landscape staples or even pins. These will make the fabric secure and don’t shift or move all the time. 

You may use 1 staple for every square yard of the material. However, if you stapling the sides and center only, it is better to apply 1 staple for every 3 linear feet. 

Spread or Add the Base Material

The final step in installing the geogrid fabric driveway is by adding the base material. Base materials can be installed on top of the fabric. Do you plan to place the aggregate rock for your driveway?

If it is so, you should apply the 8-12 inches depth of rock as a minimum recommendation. Place them on top of the fabric. When you want to drive on it after that, make sure to use only 10 mph speed. 

Don’t make any sharp turns and don’t stop abruptly. Those actions can damage the materials and you should install it again from the beginning.

Once you have placed the stable base, it is better to compact the gravel. It can be done by using a compacting tool or other appropriate loader to install this geogrid fabric driveway properly.

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