The geomat retaining wall application is an important step that you need to know. This is especially true if you want to use this material for strengthening an area. 

Geomat for slope protection from erosion is the main function of using this product. This material has various other functions, such as for soil conservation, vegetation growth media, the grass cover.

It is often chosen to coat slopes because the material is environmentally friendly, cheap, and has many advantages. In addition, geomatics has a shape like a net so that it is easy to install on the surface of the slope


The Geomat Retaining Wall Application 

Geomat installation serves to protect the slope from erosion. The installation process is quite easy and does not require large costs. The following are 3 stages to install a good and correct geomat.

1.     Preparatory Stage

At the preparation stage, service providers must ensure that all workers are using safeguards that comply with standards. Once the workers are ready, what should be done next is the cleaning process.

The surface of the slope should be cleared of clay plants, tree trunks, garbage, and other barrier materials. It is essential for the geomat retaining wall application steps because it can make this item installed properly. 

2.     Installation Stage

If the slope surface is clean and ready, then the installation can be done. Put a geomat layer on the slope with a length of 50 cm to 100 cm. It will make the material does not sag easily.

Then degree the geomat material down the slope and adjust its position by sticking wood as a mark. The wood is at least 20cm long. If the slope surface tends to be wavy, more wood is needed.

This wood installation has a very important role so that the geomat can be tightly attached to the entire surface. In addition to wood, the material used must also be made of strong materials

3.     Adjust the Geomat

Be sure to install the geomat ends in an overlapping way 5cm long. Then readjust the position by plugging in the 3mm diameter iron. This iron serves to strengthen the material. 

That is why; the function of this thing for protection from erosion can be maximized. It is good to support the overall geomat retaining wall application.

Planting Stage

The last stage of this installation is the planting of vegetation on the slope surface. Vegetation has an important role in protecting the soil. Besides being able to make the soil fertile, vegetation can also protect slopes from erosion.

Geomat layers made of environmentally friendly materials can be a means of growing vegetation. In addition, its mesh-like shape makes plants easy to spread and grow according to the contour of the soil. 

However, you should understand about the planting methods as well. The way vegetation is planted begins by spreading the seedlings evenly over the surface of the geomat.

Basically, all the steps above can be done by yourself if you think that it is not that difficult. However, if these are too complicated, you may use a service from the company to do this geomat retaining wall application.

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