Before using the product, it is always good to understand the geomat retaining wall detail It will be helpful to choose the best and right products for your needs. 

This item is also known as the Erosion Control Mat which is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The physical look of this item is a physical three-dimensional mesh that has an irregular shape. 

From that design, it is specifically made to hold the stem to the roots of plants or new vegetation. This is good for the beginning of slope protection. 


Geomat Retaining Wall Detail

After understanding the definition, some details must be noted as well. First of all is about the type where it is distinguished based on its thickness (number of layers). 

Besides that, it is also categorized based on the code or type of geometry. These are including the EM2, EM3, EM4, and EM5. The details are usually described on a manufacturer’s website.

To find out various types of this product, you can visit the manufacturer’s website. One more thing is this. One more thing about the geomat retaining wall detail is the material used to make it. 

Usually, this item is made from 100% polypropylene which is good for the slope area and something like that. However, some products can be made from coconut fiber as well. 

What are the Functions of Geomat

Based on the geomat retaining wall detail above, this item comes with many functions that are beneficial for nature. Here are several of those functions that we can share. 

1.     Alternative to Replace Cocomesh 

It can be a good solution to replace Cocomesh. The reason is this environmentally friendly product comes with some great functions. You can apply it for erosion control mat material.

The major function is to protect slopes against surface erosion in the vegetation growth phase. That is why; that main place and the areas around will be protected from erosion.

2.     It can help to Hold Humus and Soil 

It will be able to hold soil and humus to plant roots. This action can make the plants become more firmly embedded in new slopes or cliffs.

The geomat retaining wall detail And its parts makes it a great area for plant to grow again. Later, the roots of those plants can help to strengthen the ground there. 

3.     Support the Revegetation

Geomats basically are a useful eco-friendly solution to prevent soil erosion and ensure rapid revegetation. It creates a soil surface that is more resistant to the effects of water erosion.

Based on the days, using this material will reduce erosion by more than 50%. People always use it in the river bank area, slopes, and so on. 

4.     Substitute for Concrete 

Once vegetation begins to grow, geomats can serve as a substitute for concrete, rock, or shotcrete. Then it does its function and acts as a slope erosion control protection.

Unlike Cocomesh, this item can also be applied to various types of slope reinforcement or stabilization projects. That is why; this product can make your construction finished quickly. 

Make sure to purchase the best and high-quality products from a manufacturer. You have to check the geomat retaining wall detail as well. 

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