If you are still confused about finding information about what is geomat made of? And what are the advantages of this product. So you need to pay attention to the discussion that we have prepared below regarding this matter.

Geomat is one of the newest innovations in the construction sector which has many benefits for us. One of the main functions of geomats is to protect against soil erosion which can cause landslides.

Not only that, geomats can also be used for various other types of construction engineering. But do you know what material geomats are made of? No need to worry if you don’t know it because that will also be the main topic of discussion this time.


What Is Geomat Made of?

Landslides seem to be a time bomb ready to target anyone who lives on the slopes. For this reason, you must be careful if you choose to buy a house or residence in an area near the mountains.

Make sure to buy a house with stable soil and protected from soil erosion. That way, you can ensure that your family is well protected from all possibilities that could occur, especially soil erosion.

But now there are geomats that can help you overcome this. But do you know what is geomat made of? No need to worry because you can read the complete information below.

Geomat is a geosynthetic material made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) material which is specially made to prevent soil erosion. Apart from that, geomats are also often used as a method of soil conservation.

In contrast to geotextiles which have a sheet shape, geomats have a net shape which is usually installed on slopes to prevent soil erosion. The geomat manufacturing process usually involves several production stages.

Starting from selecting quality raw materials, extrusion, structure formation, thermal stabilization, cutting, and finishing until finally delivery to the customer. All these processes are carried out by workers who are trained and experts in their respective fields.

What are the Benefits of Using Geomat?

The large number of uses of geomats by civil engineering workers is certainly not without reason. Because they really benefit, because there will be lots of benefits that can be obtained just by using this material.

Geomats are of course used as a method of controlling erosion in areas around mountain slopes. This method is done by installing geomats on slopes with a certain slope and prone to soil erosion.

Not only that, you can also use geomats to strengthen the soil, especially in areas that require additional reinforcement. This also aims to reduce the risk of landslides caused by soil erosion.

You can also use Geomat to improve drainage on the agricultural land you use. So if you feel that your agricultural land is of poor quality then you can use a geomat to restore the quality of the soil by improving the drainage system.

Apart from that, geomats can also be used as additional materials in road construction, tunnel construction, water channel protection, and many others. You can get all these benefits just by using a geomat which is the topic of discussion about what is geomat made of?

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