Geobag design will be useful for its users. Currently, there are various geotextile products that have benefits for everyday life. One of the geotextile products is geobags.

Using geobag design can improve environmental sustainability. This is because geobags work to protect the environment from various damages.

Geobag Design

Geobag Design as Abrasion and Erosion Protection

Currently there are various geotextile products that are useful in everyday life. One of the products from this detector is a geobag. Maybe for some people geobags still sound strange, this product has various benefits. Geobag design are geotextile bags that function as layered cushions to resist abrasion and erosion.

This bag will later contain water or sand which you can use as a substitute for rocks on the beach. Generally, beaches will have high waves which can have a bad impact on the surrounding area. High waves that do not receive protection are one of the main causes of abrasion, such as due to high tides.

However, geobags can protect waves and ocean currents along the coastline. Geobag design have pockets to divert the flow of sea or river currents as basic protection. Making this product will use woven or non-woven geotextiles.

Strong Product as Beach Protector

The geobag design, which is a bag to resist abrasion and coastal erosion, does have an important function. This product has a design with good durability. The product characteristics are also strong with longer durability.

Apart from that, geobags are also resistant to exposure to ultraviolet light. You can use geobag design to protect beaches from abrasion and erosion. With this product, the range of waves on the beach can be more controlled.

To get maximum results, it is necessary to use the right installation geobag design. You can use the technique of installing geobags in layers. Later, this geotextile product will withstand sea waves before they reach the beach.

Geobag Sizes Vary

Geobag design in the form of sacks are one of the most widely produced products. This geobag product has various sizes according to user needs. The size of the geobag will also determine the choice of geotextile as the main raw material. Products that have a large size will certainly provide stronger construction stability.

However, product installation will take a long time with additional tools. Geobag design that have a large size of course also have stronger characteristics. However, whether small or large, geobags will have an important function to protect abrasion as embankments.

Other Uses for Geobag Products

Not only as a barrier to abrasion and erosion, but there are also other functions of geobag design. You can use geobags as buffer pads in lowlands due to overflowing river currents, embankments to protect hills in reclamation areas, and even to protect the construction of artificial islands. Apart from that, you can also use one of these geotextile material products to prevent landslides in vulnerable areas and to support bridge construction embankments.

A strong geobag design with long-lasting characteristics can provide protection against erosion and coastal abrasion. One of these geotextile products has easy installation to protect abrasion on the beach. Users can also adjust the form of protection according to their needs. For more information about Geotextile supplier near me please contact: Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : +62 811 1721 338 (Ais), +62 811 9151 338 (Anna), +62 811-8805-538 (Davy) or Email :