The geobag large sand bag is maybe needed for an area that is really huge. It is like in a beach line on other places like that which need protection. In the market (online or conventional) the sizes of this product can be varied.

That is why; you should consider about that aspect, how to install these items, and more. Geobag is mostly used in areas that don’t experience too severe abrasion. It is also recommended for a place that needs a quick solution for a short-time usage. 

Commonly, this geobag large sand bag must be always protected from direct sunlight. To do so, you can cover it with other materials such as stones, sand, and so on.


The Benefits of Geobag

Geobag is a product that comes with so many advantages. First of all, it is really easy to use and has a good filtration ability. This is because it has small pore holes which can add to its permeability. 

This product is resistant to sand or soil fractions. Besides that, you can use the filling materials from many things surrounding such as sand, small stones, etc.

The non-woven fiber that is used is more stable than the woven one. It is resistant to UV light, chemical substances, and microorganisms. 

The Geobag Large Sand Bag Sizes

Choosing the right geobag large sand bag size is always crucial. This item can be used maximally, and here are some of the sizes that are available in the market.

1.     2.5m3

Once again the sizes of this product are varied. The example is the one with the size of 2.5 m3. It is a sand-filled container which is made from geotextiles.

This item is used for coastal structures, scour protection and dune security. It can be applied as a conventional rock material, and so on to make an area is much safer than before.

2.     Manufacturer Standard Size

The common and standard size from the manufacturer is usually 1.4 x 1.26 meters. That is why; this size is quite easy to find; whether from the online or conventional store.

However, a manufacturer may provide the custom size too. It means that you may order based on the needs so that it can be suited based on a location diameter, etc.

The Applications

Since this geobag large sand bag is of quality, it can be applied in various places and situations. Examples are for erosion control, river training, scour & bank protection, embankment works, and flood control.

The geobag itself is a geotextile that is stitched to the sack form. Then it will be filled with soil or sand. Usually, it is used on the beach to protect that area from sea erosion.

This geobag can be made from a non-woven or woven geotextile. Usually, everything is based on what it will be used in the nature. This large sack can be filled on-site or right before it is installed.

Usually, geobag is applied in a canal or river bank. The three-dimension type of this geobag large sand bag makes this thing perfect for making soil stronger and supporting the vegetation growth there.

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