If you are still confused and are looking for information about how long do geotextile bags last? And are geotextile bags environmentally friendly? So the discussion we have prepared below might be the right answer for you.

Geotextile bags are a type of geosynthetic material used in various types of construction. Not only that, this product also has various other uses that you may not have known about before.

One of them is because it has very strong resistance and can last for dozens of years. Apart from that, geotextile bags are also used because they have other advantages, namely they are environmentally friendly.


How Long do Geotextile Bags Last?

Geotextile bags are used in various types of construction work because they can bring various benefits. Starting from maintaining soil stability, preventing erosion, and also regulating the drainage of subsurface water flows.

In construction work, geotextile bags are used for various things according to needs. Starting from waste processing, managing land erosion, reclamation of wetlands, breaking waves on beaches, and many others.

But do you know the discussion about how long do geotextile bags last? And are geotextile bags an environmentally friendly material? To find out a complete discussion regarding this matter, you can read the information below.

Geotextile bags can actually last up to a dozen years. However, this still depends on natural conditions, the quality of the geotextile making material, and regular inspections carried out on the geobag.

1.     Quality geotextile bag material

The main factor that influences the life of a geotextile bag is the quality of the material from which the geobag is made. The better the quality of the material used to make geotextile bags, the longer the product’s lifespan will be.

Geotextiles are made from materials in the form of synthetic fibers or natural fibers which are specifically designed for use in civil and environmental engineering. Materials commonly used to design geotextile bags include polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester and also nylon.

2.     Natural conditions where geotextile bags are installed

When you want to install a geotextile bag, you must pay attention to the natural or environmental conditions of that place. That way, you can adjust what type of geotextile bag is suitable for use or installation in that location.

This method can also help you extend the life span of the geotextile bag product you use. However, if the opposite is true and the geotextile used is not suitable for environmental conditions, then the product could be damaged more quickly.

3.     Correct installation by experts

To ensure that the geotextile bag you buy is installed correctly, there’s no harm in asking an expert for help. Because geotextile bags that are not installed correctly can be one of the causes of product damage more quickly.

4.     Regular inspection and checking

Once installed, you must not leave the geotextile bag that you have installed just like that. Because you have to carry out routine inspections and checks at least once every two weeks along the area where the geotextile is installed.

Regular checks and inspections are aimed at finding out early whether damage has occurred? That way, damage can be prevented immediately and geotextile bags can last longer when used, which we have explained in the discussion of how long do geotextile bags last?

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