All slopes are likely to be naturally subject to continuous erosion forces. Whether the slope has recently been formed as a new development or is in its natural state. Some form of erosion protection is possible and necessary. A range of slope protection solutions can be provided with geotextile products.

Slope Protection

A range of Slope Protection Aids the Re-establishment of Vegetation on Slopes

This protection will be tailored to the slope and the severity of the erosion forces that have been estimated. This will achieve slope stability, which is the steady and stable condition of the slope. The condition is the shape of the slope.

Factors Causing Landslides

There are several causes of landslides, mostly natural and human factors.

Natural causes:

  • Appropriately raised water levels in reservoirs, rivers and dams that compress the surrounding soil and rock.
  • Increasingly heavy building loads can trigger landslides on slopes.
  • Natural disasters, such as earthquakes or floods.
  • Lateral pressure from heavy and continuous rainfall.

Man-made factors:

  • Construction of steep slopes.
  • Poor drainage system.
  • Tree felling.
  • Mining activities.
  • Former excavations around the slope.

How to Prevent Landslides with Geotextiles?

We can use slope reinforcement method with geotextile product or geosynthetics. This slope protection technology can prevent landslides using the application of geosynthetic materials. The use of geotextile is then applied with sheet reinforcement and strip reinforcement methods.

Slope Protection Helps Protect and Enhance Soil Resilience

Various kinds of erosion protection mats can improve soil resistance to erosion by providing direct protection. This is direct protection of exposed areas from the effects of wind and rainfall. Of course, this layer will protect the topsoil from being washed away before vegetation is established.

If a slope with natural vegetation is required, placing topsoil on a sterile slope is not enough. This is because the topsoil will be visibly slumped at the base of the slope that has not been built up for a long time. Thus, it is also necessary to find the right quality product.

Slope Protection for Rocky Slopes

On rocky slopes where rock breakage from the surface is a major concern. The right product can influence the solution chosen. This erosion slope protection system is a surface stabilization measure for geotechnical stable slopes.

Geotechnical unstable slopes require additional retention systems or soil application. This is useful for proper erosion protection solutions. It also arrests possible symptoms of ground movement.

Slope Protection in Landfill

Generally, geotextile products are useful for soft soil reinforcement alone, including construction materials. This product can be designed for long-term use. This is because this product has a construction strength that can withstand large loads.

In addition, it is also useful as a filter, protector, and water separator at the same time. In the case of soil embankment, this product is useful as reinforcement of soil embankment on soft soil. It can also be used as fill on top of pile foundations as well as in soils prone to subsidence. 


Geotextile products can be useful as an additional layer in the soil layer which is also to solve the problem of soil retaining structures.  We can provide increased ability to withstand considerable loads.

Not only for slope protection, this method can provide an increase in the ability to withstand large loads. The function in handling landslides as subgrade reinforcement, separator, slope reinforcement and road shoulder reinforcement. For more information about Geotextile supplier near me please contact: WhatsApp/Mobile Phone: +62 811 1721 338 (Ais), +62 811 9151 338 (Anna), +62 811-8805-538 (Davy) or Email: