On this occasion we will provide a discussion about geotube installation which can provide many benefits. Do you know the steps in installing a geotube?

Soft soil conditions often make construction workers feel worried if they want to build a house or building on it. Because as we all know, soft soil conditions can be a cause of erosion which can also endanger the construction of your house.

Of course, you don’t want the safety of you and your family living there to be threatened because the ground is soft and unstable. Therefore, on this occasion we will discuss how to install geotubes correctly so that you can get optimal benefits.


Geotube Installation Step by Step

Erosion is one of the problems most often experienced by construction workers. Erosion also causes various disasters such as landslides, unstable soil, and land shifts that can occur and harm us.

Now you don’t need to worry about erosion anymore because there are geotubes that can solve this problem quickly. Therefore, make sure that you read the entire discussion below carefully.

Geotube is a geotextile product in the form of a large bag, has a tube shape and has pores. This product will be very useful if used for construction and civil engineering.

But do you understand the information regarding geotube installation? There’s no need to worry if you don’t know yet, because that will also be the main topic of discussion this time, namely how to install geotextile tubes.

1.     Determining the location where the geotube will be installed

The first step you need to take in discussing geotube installation is to prepare and determine the land where you will install the geotube. Also make sure the land is clean of various materials that could damage the geotube layer.

Therefore, before installing, it is best to clean the area first and also level the entire area where the geotube will be installed. That way, no geotubes will be damaged due to being hit by sharp objects.

2.     Place the geotube in the place you have specified

The next step you need to take in discussing geotube installation is to place the geotube on the land that you have previously prepared. Make sure all areas are properly covered with geotextile tubes and that no areas are left behind.

3.     Filling the geotube with material

After that, you only need to fill the goetube with various filling materials ranging from mud, sediment and solid waste. You also have to make sure the geotube is filled evenly without leaving gaps or cavities because this can trigger leaks in the geotube.

4.     Geotube maintenance

After the third process, the geotube installation process is considered complete and ready for use. After that, you only need to carry out care and maintenance of the geotube to ensure its performance runs optimally.

You also need to do this to detect early if damage occurs such as leaks, shifts, and other problems that require repair. That way the geotube can be used longer and is of course profitable for us.

Geotubes have many benefits, especially in the world of construction and will help their work. You can easily get information about how to install geotubes in the geotube installation discussion.

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