Before using the geotextile tube product, it is essential for you to know about the geotube price. How much does this unit cost and is it worth to use it? A Geotextile tube is a geosynthetic product that is in the form of long and large bag sheets with a certain diameter.

It is filled with sand or solid material mixed with water or mud. Then it will be pushed with a pump where the liquid will come out through the geotube pores. The solid material will, of course, be left behind in the bearing, so that a large, elongated solid material is formed.

Besides the geotube price, you may want to know other information too. Here is the further detail that you can note about this geotextile tube. 


The Size and Details

Geotextile tubes / Geotubes are produced according to the application and needs in the field. Depending on the length and diameter of the geotube, it can reach a length of 10 m – 30 m.

Meanwhile, the circle diameter of 3 m – 30 m and a certain distance is provided with a funnel for the inlet pipe funnel. Geotubes have 2 main functions; those are for dewatering or for marine use.

For marine applications, it is used as breakwaters, jetties, groins, or sea embankments. Besides the geotube price, you should know that it also has an anti-UV material.

That is why; it is very suitable when used as flood protection, abrasion protection, and structures such as riprap on the beach. 

The Installation Process

The installation process of this tube is easy. Below are the steps that need to be done and how to install this geotube properly.

1.     Pump the Sand and Water

In the installation process, sand and water are pumped hydraulically into the tube through the inlet hole. Water will be dissipated through the pores of the geotextile.

Meanwhile sand will remain inside the Geotube. In a short time, a weir from this unit bearing will be formed. You can fill it with the capacity based on the needs.

2.     Dewatering Application

For dewatering applications, the geotube price is affordable for a dewatering solution. Sludge handling is still a challenge for wastewater management practitioners. 

The use of heavy equipment such as excavators and dump trucks for mud handling is still considered inefficient. This is especially true as the potential hazards posed are still quite large. 

Geotextile tubes are present as a solution for fast, practical, and safe handling. Waste material only needs to be pumped into the inlet of this unit. The liquid will be dissipated through the pores of the geotextile while the solid will remain in the geotube. 

The Geotube Price

Solids that have settled (cake) will be easily handled with mechanical equipment when you install this unit. So, how much it will cost you then? 

In fact, the price varies based on the type and size for sure. The materials for sewall are around $1200 up to $3000 a foot. It is reasonable since it will use a stronger and more durable material.

However, the geotubes for common use are between $200 to $250 a foot. You can ask a manufacturer about the geotube price and make sure to know the details too.

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