Geotextile applications are very important for various purposes in the field of construction such as road works, railways and others. Geotextile is a coating material that is useful in various fields of civil engineering. The material is composed of synthetic yarn consisting of woven and nonwoven types. Based on its manufacture, geotextile has 3 different types.

First, woven fabric geotextile, whose manufacturing technique adopts the technique of weaving clothes in its manufacture. The second is non-woven geotextile whose production uses filament yarn with thermal, chemical or combination techniques. Finally, knitted geotextile whose production is by interlocking loop threads into one. The geotextile applications can be for various things.

Geotextile Applications

Examples of Geotextile Applications for Various Needs

We can apply geotextile applications to various things because geotextile itself does have many functions. For example, the filter function is able to drain water without losing soil that is held in cloth. Then geotextile also acts as a separator to prevent the mixing of two adjacent soils.

For example, to prevent the soft soil below from being mixed with the hardening soil on top. Then geotextile also has a function as a stabilizer because it has a strong tensile force and is able to distribute loads on it evenly. So that the geotextile applications is able to maximize soil strength during the backfill process.

After understanding its function, then what are the geotextile applications in the field of construction? Here is an example:

Railroad Creation

Geotextile is useful in making railway tracks to separate the dividing layer between the soil and the sub-soil under it. The separation will certainly not interfere with or hinder the circulation of groundwater. Geotextile applications are also able to prevent the ground from experiencing shock or vibration when the train passes through it.

Road Creation

In addition to railway construction, road construction also requires geotextile applications. In this case, geotextile has a role in strengthening soil conditions by increasing its pulling strength. Geotextile also plays a role in separating basic soil from roads. The goal is that water in the soil layer cannot rise to the surface.

Canal, River and Coastal Works

Canals, rivers and coastlines also require geotextile applications to avoid erosion due to water currents. The trick is to put geotextile material on the ground surface so that it can control erosion. The function of geotextile can even increase as a filter if the installation is in conjunction with natural and artificial enrichment materials.


The next geotextile applications is for drainage into dams, making highways into reservoirs. The use of geotextile for drainage utilizes its function, which is as a filter. Geotextile is able to filter soil and grains of small to large sizes so as not to be carried away by the flow of water and while maintaining the smooth flow of water.


Besides being important for construction, geotextile applications is also important for the world of agriculture. One of its functions is to control mud that contains a lot of water. Its role is to control the water content in the soil and maintain the drainage system. Geotextile also helps keep plants that cannot live in muddy soil.

Those are some geotextile applications for construction and agriculture. It turns out that geotextile is indeed very important and useful for various purposes around us. For more information about Geotextile supplier near me please contact: Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : +62 811 1721 338 (Ais), +62 811 9151 338 (Anna), +62 811-8805-538 (Davy) or Email :