What is the HDPE geomembrane price? There are some sources for this thing, but you should know that the price can be affected by some aspects. 

Those are the sizes, types that you buy (roll or per sheet), and thickness. Besides that, where you purchase this product can make the cost is different as well. 

It is because the price between one manufacturer and others can be not similar. You can check their official website to get the details and other important data too. 


What is A HDPE Geomembrane?

Before talking about the HDPE geomembrane price, it is better to understand its definition first. Geomembrane High-Density Polyethylene (Geomembrane HDPE) is one type that is sought after. 

This type has a thickness of 0.5-2.0 mm. However, some suppliers can provide thicker variations than these choices according to consumer needs.

This type of HDPE Geomembrane is widely used because it is superior in terms of features. Examples are heat resistance up to 97 degrees Celsius, anti-corrosion, UV resistance, and durability up to 15 years. 

Due to the long usage time, this product can also be used for efficiency and increased production when applied as a pond base. It will give you a maximum function as long as you choose the right product. 

The HDPE Geomembrane Price

The HDPE geomembrane price is offered differently based on size and thickness. The following are given price ranges as an illustration:

1.     Price per Roll

Some products are sold in a roll type which is recommended for a large site or project. Below are the estimated costs that you may need to pay. 

  • The size of 7 x 280 m / roll with a thickness of 0.5 mm is priced at around US$ 1.5 per meter.
  • The size of 7 x 210 m / roll with a thickness of 1.0 mm is priced at US$ 3 per meter.
  • The size of 7 x 105 m / roll with a thickness of 2.0 mm is priced at US$ 7 per meter

So, when it is in a roll, you can just multiply the price per meter above by the total length in a roll. However, some suppliers or manufacturers may give you a more affordable price too. 

2.     Price per Meter 

Besides per roll, the HDPE geomembrane price can be based on per meter or sheet. Based on a source, the 4m wide product with 300 micron thickness is sold at $5.

Basically, buying a Geomembrane in a roll is usually cheaper than per sheet. It is especially important if you need it for a larger area and bigger project. 

Always Make Sure the Stock is Available 

The prices above are just an estimation. You can know it further from a supplier or manufacturer’s website where usually they display the information there.

The HDPE geomembrane price is quite affordable so far. Besides that, don’t forget to ask about the stocks available and the additional cost of the delivery. 

It is essential if you want to know a clear budget for your project. One more thing is never to consider only to get the cheapest HDPE geomembrane price because the quality is more important. 

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