On this occasion we will discuss what is the difference between HDPE and LLDPE geomembrane? That way, you can get maximum benefits from geomembrane with proper use and supervision by experts.

The waste processing system needs to be done properly and correctly so that there are no leaks which cause waste to spread everywhere. To avoid this from happening, you can use a geomembrane.

Currently there are two types of geomembrane that are most widely used by construction workers. Did you know that yet? The two geomembranes are HDPE and LLDPE which have several differences.


What Is the Difference Between HDPE and LLDPE Geomembrane?

Waste is always a problem that worries us all, because waste can be quite a serious problem, especially for the environment. Especially if the waste we are talking about is chemical waste that comes from the disposal of the production of an item.

Therefore, we must have the best possible waste processing system or method. That way there will be no more waste that pollutes the environment and threatens the survival of all living things in the world.

Geomembrane is a geosthetic material in the form of an impermeable sheet made from synthetic materials such as plastic. This product is commonly used for various purposes ranging from waste processing to water storage.

However, did you know that currently there are two types of geomembrane which are differentiated by the material they are made from, namely HDPE and LDPE. We will explain both in the discussion of what is the difference between HDPE and LLDPE geomembrane?

1.     HPDE Geomembrane

As the name suggests, HDPE geomembrane is a product made from High Density Polyethylene material and is one of the best geomembrane products. It is not surprising that HDPE geomembrane is used by workers who work in the world of construction.

HDPE geomembrane has the advantage of having a higher and linear molecular weight compared to products made from other materials. This will make HDPE geomembrane have the characteristics of being a denser and more rigid material.

Apart from that, HDPE geomembrane has another advantage, namely that it has a higher density compared to competing products. This indicates that HDPE geomembrane has stronger characteristics and is resistant to even sharp objects.

2.     LLDPE Geomembrane

Not much different from HDPE geomembrane, LLDPE geomembrane is also one of the favorite products used in various construction jobs. Starting from waste processing facilities, fish cultivation ponds, to temporary water storage areas, this product can be made using this product.

Even though it has a lower density than HDPE geomembrane, this product is more flexible and better suited for applications that require the flexibility of a geomembrane product. So if you need a more flexible geomembrane, then LLDPE could be your main choice.

Not only that, LLDPE geomembrane also has good impact resistance which makes it strong. However, you must still clean the location where the geomembrane is installed from various objects that could risk damaging the geomembrane.

These two products have advantages and disadvantages according to their characteristics. However, if you use it according to your needs, you can get a quality geomembrane product that will last a long time. So do you know what is the difference between HDPE and LLDPE geomembrane?

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