Geo bagging provides benefits in various areas of life. This bag itself is made from woven geotextile or non-woven geotextile. Then it is sewn and filled with sand material. Apart from sand, this geotextile also often contains soil. Even though it is soil, the uses and benefits are still the same as sand material.

You need to know that the use of geo bagging is often seen in areas that have soft soil. Apart from that, its use is also seen in areas that have sloping ground surfaces. We can say that this geotextile is the best solution for maintaining soil stability. By using it, the soil will not experience abrasion, erosion, or landslides.

Geo Bagging

Advantages of Using Geo Bagging

The use of geo bagging has proven to be profitable for anyone who uses it. To find out what these benefits are, you can look at the complete discussion below. The benefits are not just one, but diverse. You can prove the benefits for yourself by directly using this geotextile.

Geo Bagging for Strengthening Slopes

One of the advantages of using geo bagging is that it can strengthen slopes. As we know, a slope is an area that has a sloping ground surface. This land surface often triggers erosion and even landslides. The causes could be heavy rain, earthquakes, lack of reforestation, or piles of rubbish.

To strengthen slopes and prevent various negative impacts, geo bagging has been introduced. This bag comes in various sizes that you can adjust to your wishes and needs. Not just any bag because it has more advantages and appeal. One of the advantages of this geotextile compared to other types of sacks is that it is more practical.

The use of geo bagging is practical because the application is easy. After filling it with sand or soil, you only need to arrange it upwards into cushions. This cushion will act as a support for the sloping surface of the slope. Apart from being practical, this bag is also environmentally friendly.

As for other advantages, geo bagging has a high puncture and tear strength. This allows the bag to not be easily damaged when strengthening the slope. If there is a possibility of landslides, it can also be prevented properly. The price is also considered economical so you can save more on your budget.

Geo Bagging for Beach Abrasion Protector

Apart from strengthening slopes and preventing landslides or erosion, geo bagging also provides benefits in the form of optimal coastal abrasion protection. For this benefit, you only need to place it on the coast. You can place them at a distance of about 2 cm. With its environmentally friendly properties, you should use this geotextile.

The use of geo bagging can prevent various impacts from coastal erosion. Especially the reduction in beach width which makes the coastline narrow. When the coastline is narrow, it certainly affects the surrounding environment. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use this geotextile right now.

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