Do you already know the discussion about what is geotextile fabric used for? For those of you who want to know this information, you can read the discussion that we have prepared below.

In the world of construction, there are many new technologies and innovations that are used to further improve work. One of the most commonly used technologies is geotextile with various functions.

Geotextiles can be used and applied to a variety of jobs. Starting from light work, to heavy work such as house construction, roads, retaining walls, and many others.

Geotextile Non Woven
Geotextile Non Woven

What Is Geotextile Fabric Used for?

Geotextiles are one of the most advanced technologies in the world of civil engineering and building construction. It would never be possible to imagine if this product had never been discovered by scientists who are experts in their field.

But do you know what is geotextile fabric used for? The product that we will use as the main topic of this discussion has many advantages and uses. Maybe you won’t even get some uses from other products.

Geotextile is a porous textile material used in civil engineering applications to improve soil or soil structure. These products can be found in rolls, sheets, or bags that are installed in the soil to help regulate water flow.

With pores distributed throughout the product layers, geotextiles have the ability to still allow water to flow. Meanwhile, it will retain various sediments in the form of sand, mud and rocks which can cause erosion.

1.     Geotextiles are used for road construction

One of the main advantages of geotextiles is their ability to resist erosion by stabilizing the soil. This makes geotextiles used in highway construction.

Geotextile’s ability to stabilize soil can make roads stronger and more stable even when large vehicles pass by. That way, the road will be more durable and can be used for many years.

2.     Runway for airplanes

When taking off, a plane needs a runway that is smooth, not bumpy and stable. These criteria are of course very suitable for the use of geotextiles because they can help stabilize runway construction.

That way, the runway will remain stable even though it has been used for dozens of years. However, to improve safety, control and monitoring of runway conditions must still be carried out.

3.     Geotextiles are also used in agriculture

Apart from being used in road construction and airplane runways, you can also use geotextiles in agriculture. In the world of agriculture, geotextiles play a role in controlling erosion, protecting soil, and also improving drainage performance.

Agricultural land with good drainage will certainly make plants grow healthier and bigger. That way you can get more agricultural products and get bigger profits.

4.     Geotextile for retaining walls

You can also use geotextiles for retaining walls on slopes, with the same goal, namely slope stability. This method is also one of the methods used to prevent landslides.

Not only that, geotextiles can also be used for coastal defense, rehabilitation of ex-mining land, and so on. So do you already know the discussion about what is geotextile fabric used for?

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