No need to worry if you don’t know the discussion about which is better woven or nonwoven geotextile? Because that is also what we will raise as the main topic of discussion on this occasion.

As technology develops, almost all problems have a solution. One of them is if you have problems with building a house in a place where the soil is unstable and could endanger the occupants.

You can now easily overcome this problem using geotextiles. Do you know what geotextile is? And do you know which geotextile product is most suitable for you to use?

Geotextile Non Woven
Geotextile Non Woven

Which Is Better Woven or Nonwoven Geotextile? The Explanation

In the world of construction, there are many new technologies and innovations that are used to further improve work. One of the most commonly used technologies is geotextile with various functions.

Geotextiles can be used and applied to a variety of jobs. Starting from light work, to heavy work such as house construction, roads, retaining walls, and many others.

But do you know about which is better woven or nonwoven geotextile? If not, you can read the discussion that we have summarized below regarding the differences between these two types of products.

1.     Woven Geotextiles

As the name suggests, woven geotextile is a geosynthetic product in the form of knitted textile sheets that are woven and woven using sophisticated machines. Woven geotextile is made from a mixture of Polypropylene and Polyester which is stitched to form a sheet with high strength.

In the future, woven geotextile products can be used for various purposes, especially in the world of construction. One of the characteristics of this product is that it has a high tensile strength compared to non-woven geotextiles, which we will also explain in the next sub-discussion.

Woven geotextile also has strong resistance to UV rays during its installation. Not only that, woven geotextiles also have resistance to chemicals, fungi, bacteria and microorganisms which can cause natural biological effects in the soil.

It doesn’t stop there, woven geotextile also has excellent material separation capabilities. Therefore, you will often find woven geotextile material in road construction and airplane runways.

2.     Non-Woven Geotextile

In contrast to woven geotextiles, non-woven geotextiles are geosynthetic products in the form of non-woven sheets and are usually made from polypropylene or polyester fiber. Because it is not woven, non-woven geotextile tends to have a weaker tensile strength than woven geotextile.

However, this product is still suitable for various construction jobs that you will carry out. Starting from the construction of houses, buildings, roads, agriculture, and many other forms of non-woven geotextile applications.

Because it is made non-woven, non-woven geotextile has better filtration capabilities. It’s not surprising that many people use non-woven geotextiles as one of the layers in the water filtration tanks they make. Smaller pores will make it more difficult for fine particles to pass through the filter.

Both materials, both woven geotextile and non-woven geotextile, have their respective benefits and uses. So you can use these two materials according to your needs after listening to the discussion about which is better woven or nonwoven geotextile?

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