On this occasion we will discuss natural geotextile fabric that is safe to use, and will give you many benefits. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the discussion that we have summarized below.

Even though it doesn’t sound very important, the structure and strength of the soil is one of the things we need to pay attention to, especially if we want to buy or build a house. Because the strength of the soil structure is the main factor in the strength of your house.

However, now there is geotextile fabric that you can use to help strengthen the construction of your house. But make sure that you only use geotextile fabric that is safe and environmentally friendly.

Geotextile Woven
Geotextile Woven

How to Choose Environmentally Friendly Natural Geotextile Fabric

When building or constructing a house, you should not only pay attention to comfort factors. But also pay attention to the safety factors of the place where you build your house by paying attention to the structure of the land where you buy your house.

Try to choose a place with a strong soil structure so that the foundation of your house is also strong. But what if the house you choose has an environment with a soil structure that is not very strong?

You can overcome this by using natural geotextile fabric which is of course environmentally friendly and safe to use. But do you know how to choose environmentally friendly geotextiles?

No need to worry if you don’t know yet, because in this discussion we will discuss how to choose environmentally friendly geotextiles. What’s the explanation like? Check out the complete information below.

1.     Choose products made from recycled raw materials

What you need to do in choosing environmentally friendly natural geotextile fabric is to choose geotextile products made from recycled raw materials. Currently, there are many geotextile manufacturers who make their products from recycled materials which can help reduce waste.

2.     Pay attention to the biodegradability of the product

Apart from choosing products made from recycled materials, you also have to pay attention to whether the product you choose has biodegradable properties or is able to decompose naturally. That way you can ensure that the geotextile you use will not pollute the soil.

3.     Pay attention to the toxicity level of the product

The next thing you need to do when discussing natural geotextile fabric is to pay attention to the product’s toxicity level. Try to choose a product with the least toxicity so that it will not pollute the surrounding environment where you install the geotextile product.

4.     Choose geotextile products with long service life

Don’t forget to choose a product that has good strength and durability so that it can be used for dozens or even decades. That way, you no longer need to buy geotextile and reinstall it because the product you previously used has a long life.

5.     Has resistance to chemicals

Several types of natural geotextile fabric are used as a method for processing chemical waste. Therefore, you must choose a geotextile product that is resistant to dangerous chemicals that can pollute the soil or the environment.

Environmentally friendly geotextile products will certainly help you keep the soil stable, preventing erosion, without damaging the surrounding environment. You will only get this if you listen to the discussion about natural geotextile fabric.

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