A modular tank system is a breakthrough that is suitable for various industries. It is good for business, housing, plantation, and other sectors that we can find.

It is a subsurface water infiltration storage tank for management systems and stormwater control. People also call it as a “harvesting system” or modular rainwater storage. 

In the market, this system is also known as the sub-soil drainage or underground tank. Make sure to know the specs first before you purchase this item. 

Modular Tank
Modular Tank

The Description of Modular Tank System 

It was created to collect rainwater in urban areas. Besides that, you are able to add the tanks as required. There is not any limit to the number of tanks. 

The construction of this product is made from polyethylene. It usually comes in 1000-litre modules and is able to be interconnected into a 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 package.

Modular tank system has flexible capacities from 1000 liters up to more than 5000 liters. So far, the slimmest tank is 750mm wide x 2100mm high. 

Another tool such as a booster or pressure pump is available if it is required. Besides that, it is also available in many different colors that you can choose based on your needs. 

Why You Should Use It

The best quality and latest water tank, suitable for use in every home and industry. It has a slim model and can be placed by leaning against the wall of your property. 

The modular tanks are usually designed with a filter at the top or lid of the tank. This important feature is made to prevent leaves or twigs from entering the unit. 

It is especially when used to collect rainwater. Furthermore, the modular tank system also has an ergonomic lid with precision ground thread. This part can close the top area tightly and could be opened easily too. 

The ergonomic lid is resistant to UV rays which will prevent moss from developing. That is why; the water inside will be always clean. 

The Benefits of Modular Tanks

This modular tank system comes with its benefits. Below are the good things that you will get from this system. 

1.     Easy to Install 

Basically, the use of this system can be excavated and arranged as you want. First, after completion cover the upper surface of this unit using non-geotextile, planting media, and sand.

You can also use other small plants by utilizing the principle of use. Then, the water will absorb infiltrating through the geotextile layer and water will be stored inside.

2.     High-Quality Geomembrane Layer 

Polypropylene-based tanks are commonly found in various places and are used for many purposes Ad well. You will find this product in places such as apartments, housing to industrial estates. 

The HDPE-based modular tank systems are used as underground infiltration media wells. If the material is coated by a geomembrane, it can be used for storing rainwater. 

Since it can be installed everywhere, this unit is now becoming popular as a way to store water. This modular tank system will help your industry to survive in every season as well. 

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